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also known as John KYNGMAN

about 1475 - 15232

Life History

about 1475


about 1496

Birth of son William KINGMAN

about 1497

Birth of son Robert KINGMAN

about 1498

Birth of daughter Amye KINGMAN

about 1499

Birth of son Thomas KINGMAN

about 1500

Birth of daughter Christian KINGMAN

about 1501

Birth of daughter Agnes KINGMAN

about 1502

Birth of daughter Edith KINGMAN

about 1503

Birth of daughter Anne KINGMAN

after 1504

Birth of daughter Elizabeth KINGMAN

16th Feb 1521/2

Wrote will in South Newton, Wiltshire.1


Died in South Newton, Wiltshire.2

22nd Apr 1523

Probate in London.1

Other facts


Married Johanna


  • According to the de Sallis extract John Kyngesman of South Newton, brother of Robert Kyngesman of Loddington was joint executor of the will of Richard Fazakerly in 1504.  Richard Fazakerly was a kinsman to Isabel Fazakerly, mother of William, and probably also mother of Robert and John.

    John is named as Kyngman in his will of 1522, and the same spelling holds for all of his descendants in and around South Newton, Wishford and Wilton.

    His will is quite detailed with specific sums of money being left to all his nine children.  The three sons all received twice as much as each daughter.  There is no clue in the will as to whether the children were married or not in 1522, but the implication is that all of his children, except Elizabeth, were of legal age.  Her inheritance is left in the care of his son "Sir William".  Elizabeth is referred to as "Elizabeth the Lady my daughter".

    John specifies that his son Robert should have 200 sheep, but that 4 of them should be donated to the Church after two years.  He also specifies that Robert should have his share of the profit of one fourth of the farm.  Presumably his lands have been divided into four parts, to his wife, William, Thomas and Robert but that Robert has only recently come into his fourth share.  Hinting that Robert is the youngest son, even though the name order of the will would have him as older than Thomas.

    There are several bequests to the Church and also to his servants.

    There is one strange bequest, that is 'to William Kyngman send a cow [and] bullock'.  This William is obviously not immediately local, or the beasts would not need to be 'sent'.  How distant is interesting.  It is unlikely that a cow and bullock would be sent all the way to Loddington in Northamptonshire to his brother William there.  Perhaps this is a William within Wiltshire, as yet not identified, but possibly the link to the Kingsman family of Overton or the Kinsman family of Highworth.


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