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Kingman of Lewisham

Kingman Families DNA results

The Lewisham tree was originally given to me by Barbara Kingman, wife of Terry Kingman. Barbara corrected my earlier incorrect assumption that the head of this tree was part of my own Kingsman family, for which many thanks.  It has since been added to by David Kingman, also of this line, and by my own research.

The head of the Lewisham tree lies at William Kingman(b1790) and his wife Frances Sophia Grover (1791-1843). This couple lived in Lewisham. Probably associated with them is Jacob Kingman and his probable wife Sarah and son John - these were all buried in St Mary, Lewisham, contemporary with William and his family being there. The relationship between these families (if any) has not yet been determined.

This tree, containing 209 individuals, was posted here as a standalone tree. The discovery of the marriage certificate of John Kingman (son of William) has allowed this tree to be linked to a Kingman family originally from Wiltshire and to push it back another few generations. The Lewisham tree is now amalgamated within the Kingman of Wiltshire family of trees and can be found there.

Key Individuals:
William KINGMAN born in 1790 in Dorset, lived in Lewisham, Kent
DNA comments:
A DNA profile exists for this line, interesting of itself as it has the realtively rare (in the UK) haplogroup of J2a, but made doubly interesting by another Kingman DNA sample donated being unrelated but also a type J2.

More contributors are always welcome from any of the Kingman lines. If you'd like to see the full DNA story, or even better, if you'd like to contribute your own DNA profile and add to the story, then please follow the DNA link on the left.

Section last updated 6 November 2011

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