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Fragmentary UK References

This holds a whole set of partial, unlinked trees and references to solitary individuals in the United Kingdom as they have been discovered and catalogued. Hopefully, linkages will emerge with time between Kingsman, Kinsman and Kingman families and individuals here and this grouping will shrink to a very small size. 

At the moment this section holds references from various parish register searches and sundry other documents, and also from searching the 1841 England census for KINGSMAN, KINGMAN, KINSMAN and KINMAN who have not been placed in other more relevant groupings. 

This section contains records on 453 individuals, cross-referenced to 76 sources, there are 8 links to images.

There is one crossover between the UK and Australian fragments here now, Arthur Adam Kingman, s/o John James Kingman of London, emigrated to Australia shortly before WW1.

Updated on 28 February 2016.

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