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Will of John Kinnesman, Gentleman of Isleworth. 1664

In the name of God Amen 

The two and twentieth day of September in the year of our Lord God 1663 and in the 15th year of the reign of our sovereign Lord King Charles II, I John Kinnesman of Isleworth in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman, being at present infirm of body but (God be praised) of sound and perfect memory and considering of the certainty of death and uncertainty of the time thereof do therefore make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in writing in manner and form following: 

That is to say, first, I commend my soul into the hands of Almighty God my creator assuredly believing to be saved and to receive full and fair pardon and redemption of all my sins and to inherit a second life with the dead by and through the only merits of my blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 

My body I commit to the Earth to be decently and Christianly buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named and so I do hereby appoint. 

And as for my worldly goods and estate wherewith the Lord hath blessed me, I give and devise the same in manner and form following, that is to say: 

First, I will and appoint that not above the sum of £100 should be dispersed and expended by my said executor for mourning and funeral charges. 

And further nine shillings I shall hereby give to the poor of this parish of Isleworth aforesaid and Aylton in the County of Huntingdon, viz: for mourning for my dear and loving daughters Anne and Mary and my loving son in law John Ferrers £10 apiece. 

I hereby give unto my grandchild John Ferrers four pounds. 

Unto my sister in law Mary Kinnesman, widow, five pounds 

Unto my sister Elizabeth Maier five pounds. 

I give four pounds to my maid servant Alice Norman and 50 shillings apiece for such other my servants as shall live with me at the time of my decease for mourning. 

And I desire Mr Brorridge of Yealing may preach my funeral sermon for the better advising of the heavens and I give to him 40 shillings for his pains. 

And to Mr Grant for his prayer 20 shillings. 

And I do hereby also give devise and bequeath unto my said daughter Mary and her heirs and assigns all those my their several messuages or tenements with all the appurtenances for the same belonging situate and being in Sheerborne Lane in the parish of St Mary Abchurch, London, with all the goods and implements of household to the same belonging now in the several occupations of Isaac Dafforne, Peter Shorte and Peter Vyoncs or their assigns and all for all and every my lands tenements and hereditaments lying and being in Sebbeson and Yarmondesworth and every of them in the County of Middlesex, with their appurtenances which I lately purchased off Richard Burton, gentleman, now in the tenure of Thomas Watts or his assigns and also all my lands tenements and hereditaments with the appurtenances lying in Hatton in the parish of East Bedfont in the said County of Middlesex now in the occupation of Thomas Allen or his assigns subject only to an annuity hereafter charged and after all my deeds cocdences and writings concerning all and every the same lands, to have and to hold to her the said Mary and her assigns after my decease for and during the tenure of her natural life. 

And after her decease these to go hold and descend to the use and behoofe of the heirs of the body of her my said daughter Mary lawfully to be begotten, and for want of such heirs unto the right heirs of me the said John Kinnesman for ever. 

And I do make and nominate and do hereby declare my loving friends William Chilcott of Isleworth aforesaid, Esquire, and Mrs Chilcott his wife to take upon of them after my decease the guardianship concern and education of my said daughter Mary until she shall accomplish the full age of 18 years. 

And my will further is that the said William Chilcott and his wife shall receive the rents issues and profits of all the said lands and tenements before hereby devised during the said time for the use and behoofe of her the said Mary and her assigns and to allow unto her out of the same good and sufficient maintenance and education every way for her, and to have a maid wait on her, the same allowance not to exceed £60 yearly. And with the overplus of the said rents to go on for the best advantage and to raise a stock for the said Mary. 

And if both the said guardians happen to die before the said 18 years shall expire then my will is and I desire Mr Samuel Rolles of Kingston super Thames, physician, after their decease during the remainder of the said 18 years then to come or take upon him the said guardianship concern and education of the said Mary and to act in all things so the two joint guardians should have done according to my true intent and meaning herein taking further account. And I do give him out of the rents five pounds for his pains. 

Item, I do hereby give and bequeath unto her the said Mary my daughter one great trunk bound with iron standing in my upper room over the great chamber and all that linen that is laid therein for her, and all the books that are marked with “M” upon them on the outside of the board. And as set down in a book with the particulars of the linen and the said book laid in the said trunk, all other things in the same trunk. 

And also, I give unto her the said Mary four gold rings, viz: one wedding ring, one other ******* ring, and two rings enamelled, one of them has a diamond in it and rubies that was her mother's. And four pieces of gold, viz; one 11 shillings piece, one 10 shillings piece, one of five shillings, one two shillings and sixpence piece that were all her mother's. 

Item, I give unto her the said Mary one gold ring with a green stone in it and the five bedsteads in my chamber over the kitchen with certain pillows and my two new featherbeds and bolsters that I bought last with four pillows and my best two green rugs ************ rugs that belongs to the great bed. I give her more four blankets, two grey and two of the best white ***************** one chest of drawers standing in the same chamber, two trunks, one of them bound with iron standing at my bedside, the other marked with the letters a “A M” that was her mother's, one pair of small ******* Andirons, one **** shovel and tongs, one pair of bellows, six other stools and my best looking glass, six of the best silver and gilt spoons, also one of the two of my great gilt ***** with the cover to it but my will is that my said daughter Anne shall have the liberty of choice of the two ***** and ******* which she will have and then Mary to have the other 

Item, I give to her the said Mary one silver tankard. 

Item, I give and bequeath unto the said Mary Kinnesman late wife of my brother Joseph £15 and I give unto my nieces my said brother Joseph’s children being daughters their several legacies following, viz: to Martha Ryland and her husband 20 shillings apiece; to Rachel Piggott and her husband 20 shillings apiece; to my niece Sara Dring twenty pounds and to her husband twenty shillings; unto my niece Faith Derrington two pounds and to her husband twenty shillings; and to my niece Ruth Kinnesman twenty pounds. And if any of them die I will the legacy of them dying shall be paid to the husband of such dying besides the 20 shillings given to the said husbands. 

Also I give unto my said brothers grandchild ?Helen? £10 which sum I will shall be paid to my said sister Mary Kinnesman and my cousin Piggott further to be put forth by them the safest way to be by them advocated for her till she comes of age or be married. And I do hereby order that my sister Kinnesmans acquittance under her hand and seal for the same shall be to my said executor a good discharge. 

I give unto my sister-in-law Anne Kinnesman now called Smith and to her husband 20 shillings apiece to buy them rings. 

Also I give and bequeath unto my sister Elizabeth Maier’s two daughters £10 apiece, the married daughter’s legacy to be paid unto her self and the youngest that is not married her legacy to be paid to the said Mary Kinnesman and my cousin Piggott and they to put it safely forth to be advanced for her the best for the child until it doth attain to the age of one and twenty years or be married whichever shall first happen, and that they then giving an acquittance for the same under their hands and seals shall be sufficient discharge to my executor. And if the youngest die before it comes of full age or be married then my will is the survivor shall have her legacy. 

And I do also hereby give grant and devise unto my said sister Mary Kinnesman and cousin Piggott and their assigns in trust to and for the only use and behoofe of my said sister Elizabeth my during only her life one annuity or yearly rent charge of eight pounds of lawful money of England, to be coming due and payable to my said sister my quarterly out of my said lands and tenements in Hatton aforesaid and out of the profits of the same by equal portions and that freed and discharged from all taxes whatsoever. The first payment to begin on the next of the **** ***** ***** a quarter days after six months next after my decease or within 14 days then next ensuing, the same annuity to become from time to time paid unto the hands of my said sister-in-law Mary Kinnesman and my cousin Piggott or one of them for the use of my said sister Maier whose acquittance also or one of them for the same to be made under their or one of their hands and seals shall be a sufficient discharge unto my said executor, daughter Mary or whom else it may concern to pay the same. And my will is that John Maier her husband shall not in any wise intermeddle with the same or any part thereof and I hereby give power that in case the said annuity or any part thereof shall be arrears and unpaid in part or in all on the respective days and times before time as wherein the same ought to be paid, it shall and may be lawful to and for the said Mary Kinnesman and cousin Piggott, sister Maier, their assigns or any of them to enter into the said premises or into any part of the same in the name of the whole to enter and distrain and ******* from them my said executor, daughter Mary and **** thereof or any other to expell and to do all other lawful acts from time to time for recovery of the same with cost of need receiving. 

Item, I give unto the said John Maier my worst suit of clothes and leather shoes, stockings and hat. 

Item, I give to my father-in-law Mr William Mattingley 40 shillings to buy him a ring, to my brother William and sister Mary Mattingley 20 shillings apiece to buy them rings. 

And I give to my uncle John Winch and my aunt Anne Winch 20 shillings apiece to buy them rings. 

And I give unto my loving friend Mr Edward Perry £10 desiring him to advise with and assist my executor about the getting in of my estate. 

Also I give unto Alice Drew of Hounslow 40 shillings for a ring. 

Unto Nurse Cocke of Westminster 20 shillings for a ring. 

Item, I give unto my maid servant Mary Norman £10 for the care and trust presented and to her done and performed by her to me and my daughter Mary and that trouble, concern I desire which she takes for the said Mary my child after my decease she knowing the mildness and meekness of her nature. 

Item, I give five pounds unto and amongst 20 poor people of the said parish of Aylton (where I was born) to be distributed amongst them by and according to the discretion of the Minister and churchwardens and six honest parishioners of the same parish 

And I give 20 books set forth by Mr Baxter entitled “A Saint or a Brute” to 20 families in Isleworth aforesaid such as hath one person in a family that can read though there be no more in the house and such as are not able to spare money to buy one and willing to use one, and not to such as will sell them away. 

And I give also to 20 other poor honest godly people of Isleworth aforesaid two shillings apiece. I desire the same books and money may be disposed of at the discretion of Mr Downton, the said William Andrett, Mr Thomas Gee and Mr Dunes and that the books may be bought of my cousin going in the Poultry, London and bound up with strong **** leather.

Item, I hereby give £10 to and amongst 10 good ministers that have of late him will fourth of their livings or have been forced to leave them by reason of the Tendence of their conformity. And I do order and desire the £10 may be paid to the said Mr Rolles and Mr Gee and that they may have the disposing of it according to their wisdom and discretion and their receipt with hand and seal shall be a sufficient discharge to my said executor. 

Also I give to the said Mr Rolles, Mr Gee and Mrs Gee my loving friends 20 shillings apiece to buy them rings. 

And I give unto the said John Ferrers my grandchild six silver spoons, one great silver salt with the small salt belonging to it and one Bible, and my three books of Martyrs. 

Further, my will is that my said executor shall and I do hereby empower and order him to ***** receive and take all the rents and profits as well of all my freehold and copyhold or customary rents situate and lying within the said parish of Isleworth, the copyhold there by me lately surrendered in court to the use of this my will, to the end that he may and do with the money arising from the same and out of other my personal estate not in this will particularly given or bequeathed, pay perform and discharge all my debts funeral charges and legacies and the same *********. 

Then I hereby give devise and bequeath all my **** lands tenements and hereditaments as well as copyhold within the said parish of Isleworth unto my said daughter Anne Ferrers for and during the time of her natural life without impeachment of or for any manner of waste or decay. And after her decease I do hereby give devise and bequeath the same lands tenements and hereditaments unto and amongst all and every the sons and daughters of my said daughter and on her body lawfully begotten or to be lawfully begotten equally and indifferently between them share and share alike, her eldest son born or to be born only excepted unless she have only one son and no other child and him I give and devise the same lands to that son and to the heirs of his body lawfully to be begotten and for want of such heirs or if none then I give devise and bequeath the same lands unto my said daughter Mary and her heirs for ever. 

And I do make and ordain hereby my dear and loving friend the said William Chillcott executor of this my last Will and Testament during the minority of my said daughter Mary, and for his care and pains herein to be taken I give him £20 and to the said Mrs Chillcott £20. 

And I do give to Mr William Chilcott his son, Mr Case and Mrs Case 20 shillings apiece to buy them rings desiring Mrs Chilcott to be in stead of a mother to my child Mary. 

All which said several legacies or sums of money (the annuity excepted) before hereby given and bequeathed, my will and meaning is shall be paid unto the several and respective legatories or legatees and unto their uses as before is specified within two years next after my decease. 

The rest and residue of all my goods, chattels, plate and household stuff not before herein or hereby specified given and devised or bequeathed, my debts funeral charges and legacies being first paid performed and discharged, I give unto my said daughter Anne. 

Further my will is that in case my said executor shall happen to die before my said daughter Mary shall be of full age then I hereby ordain and make the said Thomas Gee, after my said executors death, executor of this my will during my said daughter Mary's minority, and to take the burden of the administration thereof upon him and to proceed and act on the said will as executor and I give him for his pains therein five pounds. 

And I revoke all former Wills and I will that this stand as and for my last Will and Testament saving power to myself to add or alter by way of Codicil (if I please) 

In witness whereof I the said John Kinnesman the testator to this my last Will and Testament contained in eight sheets of paper fully written and a little part of this ninth sheet have to every one of the same sheets set my own hand and my own seal. Given the day and year first above written 

John Kinnesman 

Signed sealed published and declared by the said John Kinnesman the testator the day and year first above written as his last Will and Testament and ………….. in the presence of us 

John Bannister 

John Benyon 

Richard Larckin his mark 

and Edward Perry 

Memorandum. Also this 29th of April 1664 I the said John Kinnesman do hereby by way of Codicil add to my said Will and give five pounds more to Alice Norman my servant to be paid her when her former legacy (by this my said will hereunto conveyed) given to her is to be paid, witness my hand and seal 29 April 1664. 

John Kinnesman 

This Codicil or addition was read and approved by the said John Kinnesman and published to be his mind and his hand and seal put thereunto by him this very 29th of April 1664 in the presence of us 

John Bannister 

Edward Perry 

Richard Larckin his mark 

Probate in London the seventh day of May Anno Domini 1664 by William Chilcott executor so named in the will.

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