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Will of Francis Kinnsman of Deene. 1658

In the name of God Amen 

The two and twentieth day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand six hundred and fifty eight, I Francis Kinnsman of Deene in the County of Northamptonshire, Gentleman, although sick in body yet in good and perfect memory (thanks be given to God for the same) do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: 

First, I give and commend my soul unto Almighty God and by the death and passion of his dear and only son our sweet Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ I hope to have full remission of all my sins with life everlasting when I depart this world. 

Item, I bequeath my body to Christian burial Item, 

I bequeath to the Cottager or Cottage house in Deene the sum of two shillings and to every Widow and every man of my own faith Twelve pence apiece over and above and to every Cottager in Deene Thorpe twelve pence 

Item, I give and bequeath to every one of my kindred and friends hereafter mentioned that shall be living at the time of my decease to buy them rings as followeth: 

To my sister Morlett [Note 1] ten shillings 

To my son Michaell Morlett [Note 2] ten shillings 

To my cozin Henry Harweden and his wife ten shillings apiece and to every of their children five shillings apiece 

To my cozin Edward Jackson and his wife ten shillings apiece and to every of their children five shillings apiece 

To my niece Mary Vinpton the sum of five punds plus **** to the sum of ten pounds 

To my cozin Richard Kinnsman of Broughton five pounds and to his wife twenty shillings and to each of their children ten shillings apiece 

To my son Robert Apine ten shillings and to every of his children five shillings apiece 

To my son Thomas Apine I give my wearing apparel both woollen and linen, boots shoes and hats and in money twenty shillings 

To my daughter Claughton [Note 3] and her husband ten shillings apiece and to every of their children (that is to say) William, Anne and Mary, five shillings apiece. 

To Master James Claughton five shillings 

To Master Thomas Apine of Tansworth ten shillings and to his son five shillings. 

To Edward Apine his **** five shillings 

To Mr Francis Printer five shillings. 

To Mr Stephenson ten shillings. 

To Master Edward Lynnous ten shillings 

To Master Daynlie and his wife five shillings apiece, to their children twelve pence apiece 

To Widow Crane five shillings 

Item, I give to Anne Rayner my servant if she shall be living with me at the time of my decease one bedstead in the Gallery with **** with the bed matt, one of the worst feather beds a *****, three of my worst blankets, a **lling wrought with Birds and two pairs of ordinary Hempen sheets, one little brass pot, two pair posnetts, two pewter dishes of the middle sort, one little pan of brass and in money ten shillings. 

And I also desire my only son Robert [Note 4] to give and dispose the sum of ten pounds according as I ***** declared to him 

And I hereby make my said son Robert Kinnman my sole Executor to whom after my debts and legacies paid and discharged I give all the rest and residue of my Estate both real and personal 

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year above written 

Francis Kinnman 

Signed, sealed and published by the said Francis Kinsman as his last Will and Testament in the presence of 

Richard Wilkes 

Ann Rayner 

Proved at London the 29th day of June 1659 by Robert Kinsman


1. Cicely Kinsman, sister of Francis Kinsman, married Peter Morlett, a Frenchman, according to the 1564 Visitation of the Heralds to Northamptonshire.

2. "Son" in this context probably indicates a god-son, although it could also be that Francis had several daughters.

3. Again "Daughter" could be a god-daughter, but could also indicate a bilogical daughter, but this one still living at the time the will was made.

4. "Only son" is inconsistent with the 1564 Visitation which indicates that Francis, the brother of Cicely Kinsman who married Peter Morlett, had 4 sons.

Hopefully, more evidence can be found that will eliminate these inconsistencies.

Last updated 29 April 2014