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Nuncupative Will of Sir Eusaby Isham of Pichley. 1626

A note of such debts as I require my wife to pay if it please God to call me to his mercy as followeth, That is to say, 

Imprimis to my brother Tipping five pounds. 

To my cousin William Downall 42 shillings. 

To Robert Lade of Cransley £10 

To my cousin John Isham my sorrel mare 

To Mr Barbon so much money as she will pay I ought to pay her I pray you that it be paid. 

To Saxbey the man that dwelled in my grounds £10 4 shillings. 

To pay my son Eusabyn Isham as you can £56 13 shillings and 4 pence. 

To my son William and Thomas I refer them to yourself. 

Those servants which you hold worthy to be kept to pay them a years wages besides that which is due to them. 

Richard Berry to have the rent of his kyne set off till 60 shillings be paid 

To Steynes of Orlingbury for a house £4 10 shillings. 

To my man Barbon if he got away besides his wages 60 shillings. 

To the poor of the town of Pichely five pounds to make them a Stock 

What other small debts that I owe which I cannot call to mind I pray you see paid. 

To Pilkington of Northampton for two bonds of some 20 nobles or thereabout to be paid at Michaelmas and our Lady Day by even portions. 

Eusebyn Isham 


Feargod Harbon 

Ha: Kinnesman 

Memorandum that I Harold Kinnesman of Picheley, gentleman, was wished by Sir Eusaby Isham, Knight, on seventh of June last to write the ***** before certified verbatim as he spake it without any word altering and he desired that his wife should see debts and legacies before specified paid in respect he had left his wife all, his sickness being such and he so short taken that I could not see he could do more neither was he desirous to the articles on Feargod Harbon subscribed as a witness. And I writ them with my own hand and Sir Eusabyn Isham subscribed with his own hand and to this I will be deposed 

Ha: Kinnesman 

Not long before his death, Sir Eusaby said to me he could not live long and that his wife should have all to which I will depose Fleetwood Dormer to diverse others that his wife should have all and that Anne should have all


Proved until 17 July 1626

Last updated 15 October 2015