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Will of Richard Fazakerley of Warmington. 1504

I, Richard Fazakerly, of Warmington, County Northampton, being of Perfect mind though weak and ill in body, and about to go a journey see my relations, do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following. 

First, I desire that my body shall be buried in Christian manner where it please Almighty God I shall depart this life, and for my sepulture and breaking of the ground in the church I will and bequethe 6s 8d, 

And I bequethe to the high alter of the church of Warmington 4s 7d, and also the sum of 6s 8d for to sing a dirge for the wealth of my soul, and I also bequethe to the said church 6s 8d for dirges to be sung for my father and mother. 

I will and bequethe to Robert my brother, my goblet of silver and five spoons of silver 

I will and bequethe to my said brother Robert, a cup of silver parcel gilt and a salt of silver parcel gilt, with covers to them, and two pair of the best sheres. 

To my sister Helen the wife of my said brother Robert, 5s 7d to buy her a ring. 

I will and bequethe my best gown to my kinsman, Robert Kinsman of Lodynton, and my doublet of leather to my kinsman, John Kinsman of Sowt Newtone [Note 3]. 

I do also bequethe that my kinswoman, Isabel Kinsman, shall have my ring with sardonox, as a remembrance of her great kindness to me a poor sinner when I was in sore affliction. 

And for the residues of any money I have and my household stuff and my goods movable and unmovable, I will to be equally divided among my base children, 

And I do also will and bequethe to my servant Thomas Radleye one shilling. 

And I constitute and ordain my kinsman Robert Kinsman and his brother John Kinsman [Note 2] to be executors of this my last will and testament. 

Signed and sealed by me 

Richard Fazakerlie 

this last day of September in the year of our Lord God 1504 in the presence of 

Robert Wydvile

Maister Sayer

John Howes 

with other


1. No trace of this will has been found to date, neither the original nor any mention of it in any Calendar of wills. There remains a possibility that this will is a complete fabrication by de Sallis just to reinforce her theory of the origin of the Kinsman family in the USA.

2. For someone living in Northampton to request a remote nephew living in Wiltshire to be his executor in 1504 would be unusual in the extreme.

3. While not impossible it is highly unlikely that John Kinnesman born in Northamptonshire should become John Kingeman of South Newton, Wiltshire.  This one insertion may be the only way in which de Sallis modified her transcription of this will.

Last updated 14 May 2014