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Will of Robert Kinsman of Plainfield, Connecticut. 1785

In the name of God Amen the 26th day of March in the year of our Lord AD 1785, I Robart Kinsman of Plainfield in Windham County and State of Connecticut, being in health of body and in perfect mind and memory thanks be to God therefore yet calling into mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die - Do make and ordain this my last will and testament. 

That is to say principally & first of all I give & recommend my soul to God that gave it and my Body I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian like & decent manner at the discretion of my Executor hereafter mentioned. Nothing Doubting But at the general Resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as to touching the worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me within this life, I give and bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner and form:

In primus, I give and bequeath to Bethiah my well beloved Wife all my household furniture **** moveable that I shall die seaz'd & possessed of to be at her dispose and also I give to my said wife Bethiah all the swine that I shall own at my decease to be at her disposal and I furthermore give and bequeath to my said wife one third part of all the cattle, sheep & horses I shall die seized & possessed of 

& furthermore my will is that my executor hereinafter named shall keep & provide for my said wife Bethiah two good cows and one good Riding Mare and ten sheep & keep the same good to her if any of said creatures shall die or be rendered useless then my executor hereafter named shall replace them with good ones during the natural life of said Bethiah & said cows mare & sheep shall be kept at the expense of my said Executor hereafter mentioned & said cows mare and sheep shall be at the disposal of my wife Bethiah and all the calves that comes of said cows and all the colts that comes of said mare and the lambs that comes of said ten sheep shall be the proper estate of said Bethiah at her disposal and after said calves cattle or colts and lambs shall befit to be taken from their Dams they are to be kept at the Expense of said Bethiah and her disposal 

& furthermore my will is that my said wife Bethiah shall be paid out of my Estate at my decease ten pounds lawful money & twenty five pounds yearly and for each year during her natural life that is to say twenty five pounds lawful silver money for every year my said wife shall live after my decease & to be paid by my Executor hereafter mentioned yearly and each year she shall live after my decease. 

Item, I give & bequeath unto my Brother Jeremiah Kinsman of Norwich in New London County all my lands that lies in the town of Plainfield & Canterbury in Windham County & all my lands lying in Norwich in New London County to him the said Jeremiah and his heirs forever as an Estate in fee simple. 

Item, I give & bequeath to my said wife Bethiah the use & Improvement of my now dwelling house in Plainfield aforesaid with about one acre of land and said land is Bounded as followeth, viz: beginning at the South East corner of my garden thence running west as the garden fence now runs butting on the land I give to Jeremiah Kinsman ten rods, thence North sixteen rods, then running East to the country road, then by the country road to the bounds first mentioned, for and during the natural life of my said wife Bethiah and at the decease of my said wife Bethiah said house & land to be the proper Estate of my Brother Jeremiah Kinsman - and my will is that the said Jeremiah Kinsman shall keep said house & land in good tenentable repair for the [] and improvement of my said wife as aforesaid & furnish her said Bethiah with garden tools to improve the said land and also furnish her the said Bethiah with a sufficient quantity of firewood drawed and cut at the door fit for the fire during her natural life 

Item, I give and bequeath to my said Brother Jeremiah all my personal Estate not disposed of to be the property of him the said Jeremiah Kinsman 

& lastly my will is and I do hereby Constitute make & ordain the above said Jeremiah Kinsman, my only & sole Executor of this my last Will & testament & to call in all debts due to me & to pay out all the debts I owe. 

I do hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all & every other or former Will Testament & legacies & bequests & Executors by me in any way before this time named willed & bequeathed ratifying and confirming this & no other to be my Last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand fixed my seal the day & year above written 

Signed sealed published pronounced by the said Robert Kinsman as his last will and testament in presents of us the subscribers. 

Robert Kinsman (seal) 

Abraham Waterman 

Elias Woodward

William Dixon 

Windham County

Plainfield, March 3rd A.D. 1789, then personally appeared William Dixon Esq. & Mr. Elias Woodward two of the witnesses to the within will and made solemn Oath that they saw Mr. Robert Kinsman, the within Testator sign, seal, publish & pronounce the within to be his last will and testament and that they set to their hand with Capt. Abraham Waterman the other witness in the presence of the testator & of each other and they then judged him to be of a sound disposing mind & memory. 

Sworn before James Gordon Justice Peace 

Will March 1785l accepted 9th of March 1789 ordered to be recorded and is here recorded. 

1. There are no bequests to any children of Robert. The Kinsman Family book (Vol II) lists 3 possible sons, but based on very slim evidence. Given this will, it is unlikely that Robert and Bethiah had any children.

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