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Admon of Jacob Perkins of Ipswich, Massachussetts. 1718

Know all men by these presents that we Jacob Perkins and Jno Perkins, Executors to the Last Will of his father Mr Jacob Perkins late of Ipswich deceased as ***** and Joseph Kinsman and Thos Burnam acting as sureties, all of Ipswich in the County of Essex in New England, are holden and stand firmly bound and obliged unto Jno Appleton Esq, Judge of Probate of Wills for the said county aforesaid in the full and just sum of Three hundred pounds current money of New England, to be kept by the said Judge in ***** his said office for the true payment whereof we bind ourselves each of us and each of our heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally fully and firmly by  these presents

Sealed with our Seals the 28 Day of December Anno Do: 1719 in the sixth year of His Majesties reign

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounden Jacob and Jno Perkins executors as aforesaid shall well and truly fulfill the Will of the Deceased aforesaid by paying all debts, legacies, funeral charges and yearly payments as expressed and set forth in said Will in manner, time and ***** as in said Will set forth and expressed without fail fraud deceit or further delay, then this obligation to be void null and of no effect otherwise to remain in full force and virtue

Signed sealed

Jacob Perkins

John Perkins

Joseph Kinsman

Thos Burnam

In the presence of us

Priscilla Rogers

Daniel Rogers

Last updated 5 September 2015