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Will of Margaret Boreman of Ipswich, Massachusetts. 1679

I Margaret Borman bequeath to my daughter Kinsman one feather bed & bolster & a pair of sheets & a red rug, one pillow, one pair of cotten pillow beres, one coarse sheet. 

To my daughter Loe all my pewter & a pair of fine sheets & half a dozen of napkins, two cows that are in their hands & a black gown & a red petticoat, only one pint pot reserved. 

To my daughter Fellowes all my coarse linen, saving one sheet, & a spit & a chafing dish, a serge gown & one petticoat * a silk scarfe & a hood & all the linen she hath in her hands of mine & one bed blanket & also a pint pot I reserved out of my daughter Loes. 

To my son Daniel a trundle bed, the bed & a rug & a blanket, and his wife a cloth petticoat and a serge petticoat & a waistcoat; and a great Chest & four chairs & a cow he hath in his hands, & a debt he owes me I give it him, & half a dozen of sheep he hath in his hands & to his wife a new hat. 

I give to my son Thomas three sheep and the bedstead & table, I give him a pair of cobiarnes & will leave in his hands three cows, one heiffer, two oxen, and two steeres for seven years. And the seven years end what is left besides clearing my debts is to be divided as followeth:

three parts to my daughter Kindsman & the fourth part between Martha & Joanna 

and to this my last will I leave my son Thomas to be my sole execeter 

The ninth day of August in the year of Grace 1679. 

I give to Dinah my son's maid two trays, a milk keler & a payele

Margaret Borman 

and a marke 

John Dane 

Jone Gidins 

* In the margin thus half a dozen aprons & half a dozen shifts equally to be devided betweee my daughters.

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