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Will of Thomas Boreman of Ipswich Massachusetts. 1673

In the name of God Amen

the seventeenth Day of December in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and seaventy, I Thomas Boreman senior of Ipswich weak in body, but blessed be God of sound and perfect memory, do make this my last Will and Testament as followeth freely and willingly commending my spirit into the hands of God that gave it, and my body to the earth from whence I received it. 

And first for my wife my will is that all [that] part of the land in my farm that I now possess she shall enjoy and receive and take the benefit thereof during her natural life, and after her decease to return unto my son Thomas and his heirs 

And likewise all my household stuff and my cattle I give and bequeath unto my wife during her natural life to dispose of as she pleases. 

Item; my will is that my daughter Joanna at the day of her marriage or after my wife shall please to dispose of it to her shall [have] for her portion to the value of one hundred pounds, and what shall want of such a sum my will is that my son Thomas shall make good to my daughter to make up the sum as aforesaid; five and fourty pounds of the said hundred pounds my wife shall pay my daughter at the day of her marriage or at the age of two and twenty years, and the remainder of the said hundred pounds my will is that my son Thomas shall pay my daughter out of the land that my wife doth possess during her natural life after her decease. 

Item; I give and bequeath unto my son Daniel and his heirs forever that parcel of land thatch and marsh ground containing six acres more or less from the Bridge to the point of the cove, to wit from the ordinary high water mark, provided that he said Daniel my son and his heirs do from time to time yearly allow his Brother Thomas two days in a year to repair the Bridge. And if at any time my son Daniel or his heirs be minded to sell the said parcel of land my will is that my son Thomas and his heirs shall have the first legal offer of it. 

Item; I bequeath to my daughter Mary the wife of Robert Kinsman that is to say to her children five years after my wives decease twenty pounds. 

Item; to my daughter Martha the wife of Thomas Loe to her children twenty pounds three years after the decease of my wife when my son Thomas shall possess the whole farm.

Item; my will is that my son Daniel shall have eight pounds within one year after my wives decease for the use of his two sons at the age of one and twenty years and that my son their father shall give in security to my wives executor to pay it them at the age aforesaid. 

Item; my will is that my son Kinsman shall have a footpath to go to his land he bought of me. 

Item; my will is that (the lands belonging to these two said sons Daniel and Robert Kinsman, viz ten acres belonging to the said Robert and six acres above said given to the said Daniel, only excepted) shall remain and continue unto said sonne Thomas and his heirs to enjoy it quietly and peacefully after my wifes decease, paying those legacies aforementioned. 

Item; my will is that my Brother Daniel shall abide with my wife while she lives, and after her Decease that he shall continue while he lives with my son Thomas to be maintained by him. 

Item; I will that if my daughter Joanna be not disposed of in marriage while I live I shall leave her to my wife and to her wisdom in her marriage to be disposed of. 

Finally my will is that my wife shall be my sole Executor to see my will performed while she lives and at her decease I leave it to her wisdom to appoint whom she please to see the performance of my will that shall or may not then be fully executed or performed. 

And I make Simon Tomson and Thomas Burnam my well-beloved friends my Overseers to see this my last will and testament duly and truly executed and performed. 

In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand & seal the day and year abovesaid. 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of us 

William Hubbard Borman 

John Dane 

Anno 1673 May the 3 

Memorandum whereas in the forth line I have there expressed concerning my wife that she shall enioy during her natural life upon good and weighty considerations I have here added a certain confirmation and addition namely that my loving wife shall not only enioy chattel house all goods and lands but that if she shall need she may also dispose of part of them as need shall require either chattel movables or land and hereto I set my hand. 


John Dane 

Thomas Johanna Borman 

[illegible] Borman senior 

The 19th of June 1673 this will was opened before the worshipful Mr. Samuell Symonds dept govr & major Genll Daniell Denison, the clerk being present to be the last will & testament of Thomas Borman by the oath of the witnesses subscribed to both will & poscript & that he was of disposing mind as attested

Robert Ford Cleric

Last updated 2 October 2012