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Will of Robert Kinsman of Essex, Massachussetts. 1665

These present declareth that I Robert Kinsman of Ipswich in the County of Essex being at present sick and weake of body but through Gods mercy enjoyeing my understanding and memory doe make this my last will and testament. 

First I doe give my soule into the hands of Jesus Christ, my body to be decently buried in Ipswich burying place. 

And for my outward estate I dispose as followeth: 

Item I doe give and bequeath unto my sonn Robert my meddow land at Chebacho which he doth now improve to the halfes paying unto Isaac & Sarah Ringe the chilldren of my daughter Mary ten pounds apeece when they come to age & if either of them dye before they come to age the survivor to enjoy the whole twenty pound. 

Item I give unto my daughter Mary the wife of Usuall Wardwell ten pounds and to her foure elder children twenty shillings a peece viz Daniel, Roger, Mary and Susan Ringe

Item I give unto my daughter Sarah the wife of Samuel Younglove my foure acre lot which I exchanged with Samuel Ayres and to her child or children which shall then be liveing after her decease 

Item I give unto my daughter Hanah the some of forty pounds. 

Item I give vnto my daughter Martha the wife of Jacob ffoster the some of thirty pounds. 

I give unto my daughter Tabitha Kinsman my dwelling house and appurtenances and Land about it payeing out of it Twenty pounds within two yeare after my decease also I give unto her my said daughter Tabitha my househould stufe. 

Item I give unto my coussen Richard Nicholls ten pounds to be payd by my said daughter Tabitha out of the twenty pounds and the other ten pounds to be payd unto my daughter Hannah by my sayd daughter Tabitha as part of the forty pounds before given unto to her. 

Item I give unto my five daughters each of them a sow and I give unto Mary my daughter ffosters child my heifer 

And I Apoynt my Sonn Robert Kinsman and Robert Lord Senr to be my Executors of this my last will to see it peformed 

witness my hand this 25th of January 1664. 

The marke of Robert Kinsman 

Signed and decalred by Robert Kinsmanto be his last Will and Testament in the presence of

Eben (his [E] mark) Dane 

Robert Lord 

This will proved in court held at Ipswich the 28 of March 1665 by the oaths of Robert Lord,Sr & Eben Dane to be the last Will and Testament of Robert Kinsman

Inventory March 28, 1665. Amount £234.4.0

Last updated 23 AUgust 2015