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Inventory of the estate of Marjerie Kinsman of Highworth. 1627

The accompt of Robt [      ] administrator of the goods of Marg[    ] Kingesman late of Highworth in the Couty of Wilts and the prebendary of Highworth , *** made the 12 day of April Anno Domini 1627 as follows

The Chardges

Inprimis: This accomptant chardgeth himselfe with the estate of the deceased amounting to the summe of: £4 11s 8d
The Dischardges
Inprimis: Funeral chardges 21s 9d
Item: to the preacher 8s
Item: for a shroud 4s
Item: paid to John Spender for debts 4s 4d
Item: to Edwarde Arden 3s
Item: to James Amston 8s 8d
Item: to William Ballowes 40s
Item: for fees about the Administration 4s
Item: for fees about the Accompt 10s

Sum ex****** £5 3s 9d

Last updated 6 February 2012