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Inventory of the goods of Thomas Poplewell of Beltoft. 1673

A true & perfect inventory of the goods and chattels of Thos Poplewell of Beltoft in the parish of Belton and county of Lincoln, yeoman, deceased, as followeth: 

Impremis, his purse & apparel £26/13/4 

... in the little parlour ... and other goods in the same room £9/0/0 

... in the little room adjoining one servants bed with some other small things 15/-

in the new parlor one in the hall a long table a little table ..

in the buttery two

in the great parlor chamber two cheese

in the little parlor chamber and room adjoining one stand bed one half headed bed 

in the hall chamber 2 bedsteads some servants bedding a table a press & other small things £4/5/- 

in the brewe house chamber one .... £3/0/0 

one stock of bees 6/- 

7 horses and 2 hol horse harness 

turfs, wood blocks, stocks & mannure in the yard £3/0/0 

: ... Goods valued at £239/17/0. 

Appraised by 

Robert Bernard

Fr: Monkton

Richard Kynman

David Poplewell

Dated 21 April 1673

Last updated 21 July 2014