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Will of Robert Poplewell, Yeoman of Belton. 1623

In the name of God Amen. 

Anno Domini 1623 the eight day of February I Robert Poplewell of Belton in the Isle of Axholm and in the County of Lincoln yeoman being sick of body but of good and perfect remembrance (God be thanked therefore) do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following 

First I give and bequeath my soule to Almighty God my Maker and I trust to be saved by the death of Christ Jesu

Item I give unto Francis Poplewell my son xij d in full satisfaction of his portion

Item I give unto Israell Poplewell my son five shillinges in full satisfaction of his portion

Item I give unto Anne Poplewell the daughter of the said Israell vs to be paid to her Father within two years next after my burial to go forwards for the use of the said Anne 

Item I give to William Poplewell my son vs in full satisfaction of his portion to be paid unto him within three months after my death

Item I give unto Robert Poplewell son of the said William the sum of xxs to be paid to his Father for his use within four years next after my burial and to go forward for the said Robert

Item I give unto Elizabeth Poplewell my daughter all that my cottage house in the tenure and occupation of Emmott Ashmall widow with their appurtenances thereto belonging to have and to hold to her the said Elizabeth Poplewell and to her heirs for ever upon condition following That is she the said Elizabeth her heirs executors or assigns do well and truely content and pay or cause to be well and truly contented and paid unto Robert Kirke of Gainsbrough in the County of Lincoln Mercer his heirs executors or Assigns the full and just sum of eighteen pounds and three shillings of lawful English money upon the feast day of Saint Mathias which shall be in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred twenty and four at or in the house of the said Robert Kirke situate in Gainsbrough aforesaid 

The rest of my goodes and chattells not willed given or bequeathed my debts paid and funeral expenses discharged I give them to Anne my wife and to Elizabeth Poplewell my daughter whom I make joint executrix of this my last will and testament 

And I ordain and make Humfrey Poplewell and Richard Kinman Supervisors of this my last will and I give to either of them vj d to see it duly performed and to have their charges at all times about my busines 

Robert Poplewell 

Sealed and delivered in the presence of 

Humfrey Poplewell

Richard Kinman

Last updated 22 July 2014