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Chancery Case of William Long Kingsman. 22 November 1800

Case brought by William Long Kingsman of Langley Bury, Esq., concerning his daughter Dorothy Frances Kingsman, spinster, deceased.

Dorothy Kingsman made her will dated 5 September 1800 in which she left everything to William Long Kingsman for his natural life and then £500 of her £1600 3% consolidated bank annuities to her brother Henry Kingsman and the remainder of her property to her sister Emily Kingsman, however she failed to appoint an executor. 

She died shortly afterwards, without changing this will. 

Admon was granted to William Long Kingsman on 4 October 1800 by the PCC. 

William Long Kingsman has contracted with Henry Kingsman to purchase his share of this inheritance for £127 and 16 shillings. 

William Long Kingsman has contracted with Emily Kingsman to buy the rest of the £1600 deposit for £284 and 2 shillings. 

This transaction was completed on the 19 November 1800, for these sums plus interest at 5% per annum. 

With indentures and penalties of £255 12s and £568 4s respectively. 

BUT the Governor of the Bank of England refuses to release the investment and allow William Long Kingsman to dispose of it as he sees fit without the court recognizing the transfer of interest. 

Both Henry and Emily Kingsman attested that the above is what was agreed with them. 

The Court was requested to rule on this.

Last updated 23 December 2011