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Abstract of Will of John Kingsman, yeoman of Chichester, PA. 1721.

John Kinsman, Yeoman of Chichester, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Date: 4 Jan 1718/19 

To grandson Kinsman Dutton, the plantation I now live upon in Chichester containing 200 acres, when 21, paying to his two younger brothers Jacob and Joseph £10 each, when 21. 

To granddaughter Hannah Dutton, £10 at 21 or married. 

To granddaughter Mary Dutton £10 at 21 or married. 

To Robert Pyle [Note 1] for repair of Chichester meeting house £5. 

To friends Robert Pyle and John Salkeld £5 each. 

Remainder real and personal to daughter Elizabeth Dutton also executrix. 


Wm. Griffith 

Robert Pyle 

Jo. Parker

Codicil March 15, 1720/21

Plantation to daughter Elizabeth Dutton during life and then to her son Kinsman. 

Proved: 14 Feb 1721/22 


1. Robert Pyle was also a beneficiary in the will of James Swaffer in 1714. He was married to James Swaffer's daughter, Elizabeth. John Kinsman (Kingsman) was a witness to that will.

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