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Inventory of the goods of Robert Kingsman of Overton. 1669

An inventory of the goods and chattels which was Robert Kingsman’s of Overton in the County of Wilts, yeoman deceased: appraised by us Richard Kingsman, Thomas Mason and John Smith the 28th September 1669.

Imprimis: in the Hall:
One table board and side board, 6 joined stools, two chairs, 3 cushions, fire irons with other furniture



In the Kitchen:
4 brass pots, 3 pans, 4 kettles, 3 skillets, one mortar of Brass, one furnis [a cauldron], and dripping pan, pot hooks, spittle and other lumber [other general stuff]


In the Buttery:
6 barrels and a knife with other lumber

In the Day House:
24 pewter dishes, two chamber pots, 2 candle sticks with other pewter, 2 brass candle sticks, shovel and other lumber



In the Hall Chamber:
2 beds, one bedstead with other furniture


In the next Chamber:
2 beds, one bedstead with other furniture


In the Chamber:
2 beds with other furniture


Over the kitchen:
one cheese rack with other lumber
one small silver cup and six spoons £4
two dozen napkins, 8 pair of sheets, 3 cupboard cloths and other course linen £3 10s
his books and wearing apparel £5 10s
22 acres of corn £44
4 milk beasts and 2 calves £6
one mare and colt £1
52 sheep and lambs £14
3 hogs and 5 shutes [either a litter of pigs or a feeding trough] £4
1 corke [core or remains of] of hay £5
Wood and timber wtg boythe and weages £5
2 yoating stones and well bucket, and ropes and 1 flower (floor?) of plankes £2
£131 3s 6d

Richard Kingsman
John Smith

Thomas Mason

NB the sum of £131 3s 6d in 1669 is approximately equivalent to £182,000 in 2007 (inflated on an everage earnings index)

Last updated 23 December 2011