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Witness Statement of Philip Kingsman, aged 20 of Bramshaw Wiltshire, in Pheasant v Pheasant. 1705


Perusal of the Court Records turned up a case for Phillip Kingsman aged 20 of Bramshaw in the Consistory Court of London dated 4th May 1705. These were the Bawdy courts and usually involved divorces, breach of promise or ‘criminal conversations’ that is adultery. The index says Phillip was a Servant to Richard Andrew, lace man of St Brides for 6 years at 4 May 1705. This means Phillip came to London in 1698/9.

The catalogue for the case says it is Pheasant versus Pheasant and another typed entry to the case mentioned Catherine Thompson, widow for 4 years.  The evidence a few pages before that of Philip Kingsman was from Richard Andrew who said he knew Peter Pheasant who was ‘a very pretty young gentleman both as to his person and condition’. It appears that Peter Pheasant had died and his widow had brought the case.

Witness statement:

4 May 1705 

Philip Kingsman, 20 years old, from Bramshaw in Wiltshire, servant to Richard Andrew of the parish of St Brides, London, lace man with whom he will have lived for six years ………says and declares upon oath that he knew the late Mr Peter Pheasant deceased and he sayeth that to his best remembrance about the beginning of July 1700 a young gentlewoman came to the shop of Mr Richard Andrew this deponent’s Master situate upon Ludgate Hill and bought some black fringe which was entered in the shop books as sold to Madam Thompson and presently after by order of Samuel Barckley this deponent’s Master’s Journeyman he carried the same to a house in Leicester Fields and enquired for Madam Thompson and being told she lived there he left the said fringe at the said house by discussions which he had there or at a Mantua maker’s house very near the house where the said Mrs Thompson lived

and he sayeth that he has seen that young gentlewoman when he enquired for by the name of Mrs Thompson and before at his said Master’s shop and also in a Coach at the door and after he had been at the house where she lived he was informed that the said Mrs Thompson whom he had seen in his master’s shop as a foresaid was kept by the said Mr Pheasant as his mistress as above written.

Phillip Kingsman

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