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Nuncupative will of John Kingsman, Maltster of Devizes. 1656

The last day of March in the year one thousand six hundred and fifty six

Master John Kinsman of the Borough of Devizes in the County of Wilts, Malster, did declare his last will and testament to this effect following: 

First, whereas Mary his then wife was then great with child he gave to such child be it sonne or daughter the summe of fifty pounds of current money of England to be paid unto him or her at his or her age of twenty-one years, and wholly left the care education and bringing up of such child and the managing of the said bequest and legacy unto the said Mary. 

And also he gave unto the said Mary all the rest of his goods, chattels, debts, ready money, household stuff and implements whatsoever and made her the whole and sole executrix of this his Will. 

And made and appointed his loving friends John Sloper of the Borough aforesaid, Gentleman, and Robert Ings of the said Borough, Innholder, Overseers hereof in the presence and hearing of us whose names are hereunder written.

The mark of the said

John Sloper

William Hayes

The thirteenth day of June One thousand six hundred and fifty six, above written the said John Sloper and William Hayes were sworn before me

Phillip Strong 

This Will nuncupative was proved at London the twenty six day of June One thousand six hundred and fifty six before the Judges for Probate of Wills and Granting Administrations lawfully authorised by the Oath of Mary Kingsman the relict sole executrix named in the said Will to whom Administration of all and singular the goods chattels and debts of the said deceased was committed she being first by Commission sworn truly to Administer the same.

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