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Inventory of the goods of Phillip Kingsman, Gentleman of Sevington. 1691

April the 10th 1691 A true and perfect Inventory of all the Goods and Chattels of Phillip Kingsman late deceased of Seventon in the parish of Lydalimore taken by us:

His wearing apparel £5

In the Inner Chamber:
One bed, one bedstead, one chest, one cupboard, two trunks with other implements



In the middle Chamber:
One coffer; two beds; two bedsteads; one trunk with some linen



In the Cheese Chamber:
One bed; one bedstead; some Cheese with Cheese package and other implements


In the Parlour:
One table board with a carpet and cushions, one side cupboard and settle with other implements



In the Hall:
One table board with joint Stoles, one forme, one Jack with two spitles and five plates, one bacon rack with four flitches of bacon, one warming pan with other implements



In the Kitchen:
One Cheese presser, three brass pans, three brass pots, three Cittols, one furnace, twelve dishes of pewter with other lumber goods



In the buttery:
Five barrels, one feeding trough with other implements



In the bazon:
Fourty bushels of wheat with a rick flanoll and other implements


Five and thirty acres of all sorts of corn £30 16s 9d
Eight cows ****** with four young ***** & hay £33 5s 4d
Eight Cuppolls and five dry sheep £3 5s
Two horses and two pigs and wood in the backside £8 0s 6d
One wagon, one dungpott with a dzg and ayes and horse harness with other implements £12 6s 8d
In the Exchequer year inflowing £40

In all it amounts £194 6s
Signed: John Storntomb  


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