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Land transfer to Richard Kingsman of Overton. 1666

East Overton and Fifield 

1. Curia Manerii prenobilis Phillippi Comitis Pembrochie et Montgomerie Domini Herbert de 

2. Cardiffe Baronis de Sharland Domini Parr et Ross de Kendall Domini Marimon et ste Ri….lini et Domini 

3. Fitz Hugh Domini Manerii predicti ibidem tentum Vicesimo die Aprilis Anno regni Domini nostri 

4. Caroli secundi Dei gratia Anglie Scotie Francie et Hibernie Regis Fidei Defensoris etc. decimo octavo 

5. Anno Domini 1666 per Willelmum Gauntlett generosum Senescallum 

6. Homagium ibidem: Thomas Clifton pro Juratore 

7. Thomas Stretch William Trewman Juratores 

8. Johannes Stretch Thomas Smyth Juratores 

9. Homagium predictum nihil pr…tat 

10. Sursumreddittio Kingsman: Ad hanc Curiam venerunt Robertus Kingsman et Ricardus Kingsman fratri eius et sursumredderunt in manus Domini totum ius status 

11. titulum interesse revertionem clameum et demandam quecumque ipsorum Roberti et Ricardi de et in uno messuagio sive tenemento et 

12. uno virgate terre et dimidie cum pertinenciis in East Overton infra Manerio predicto modo in tenure Katherine Kingsman vidue (?) ut 

13. dimissio inde facere(?) voluntate suo unde accedit Domino de herr(?) nil quia Reverto super quo ad istam eandem Curiam modo reverint 

14. predictus Ricardus Kingsman et de novo cepit de Domino predicto ex concessione sua propria Revertionem predicti Messuagii sive Tenementi 

15. et uni virgate terre et dimidie cum pertinenciis habendum et tenendum revertionem predicti messuagii sive tenementi et uni virgate terre et 

16. dimidie cum pertinenciis prefato Ricardo Kingsman et Ricardo filio eius ad terminam et pro termino vitiorum et eorum alter diutius 

17. vivent successive ad voluntatam Domini secundum consuetudinem Manerii predicti imediate cum post mortem sursumredditum sive 

18. forisfactum status dicte Katherine vel cum aliquo alio modo ad manus domini devenire contingit per redditum per Annum 

19. xiiiis. Ac per (omnia?) alia onera opera consuetudine herr(?) et servicia inde primo debita et de iure consueta Et pro tali statu 

20. set in primissio in revertione habendum predictus Ricardus Kingsman pater dat Domino de Fine xxii libra Et sic predictus Ricardus pater et Ricardus 

21. filius admissi sunt inde Tenentes in Revertione sed fidelitas eorum respectualii quousque etc.


East Overton and Fifeild (Fyfield) 

The manor Court of the most honourable Philip Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord Herbert of Cardiff , Baron of Sharland, Lord Parr and Ross of Kendal, Lord Marimon and St. Ri…lini and Lord Fitz Hugh, Lord of the said Manor there, held on the twentieth day of April, in the eighteenth year of the reign of our Lord Charles II, by the Grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, etc. AD 1666, by William Gauntlett, gentleman, Steward. 

Homage there: 

Thomas Clifton on behalf of a Juror, 

Thomas Stretch, John Stretch, William Trewman, Thomas Smyth, Jurors. 

Robert Kingsman and Richard Kingsman, his brother, [Note 2] came to this Court and surrendered into the hands of the Lord all right, estate, title, interest, reversion, claim and demand whatsoever of Robert and Richard themselves, of and in one Messuage or Tenement and one and a half virgates of land with appurtenances in East Overton, within the said Manor, now in the tenure of Katherine Kingsman, widow, [Note 1] who is thence willing to demise it, whence, it goes to the Lord (with no heriot?) because the reversion is now being returned in this the same Court. 

The same Richard Kingsman has now taken from the said Lord as his own grant the reversion of the said Messuage or Tenement and a virgate and a half of land with appurtenances To Have and To Hold the reversion of the said Messuage or Tenement and one and a half virgates of land with appurtenances to the said Richard Kingsman and Richard, his son, at and for the term of their lives, successively or whosoever of them lives the longer, at the will of the Lord, according to the custom of the said Manor, immediately after death to surrender or forfeit the estate of the said Katherine into the hands of the lord, or whoever happens to be his successor, by rendering by the year 14 shillings, together with all other duties, works, customary heriots and services thence originally owed and accustomed by law for such an estate. 

But to have these premises in reversion, the said Richard Kingsman, the father, gives to the Lord as a Fine £22. 

And, thus, the said Richard, the father, and Richard, the son, are admitted thence as tenants in the reversion; but until their respective fealty, etc.


1. Katherine Kingsman was the widow of Robert Kingsman who died in 1659. They had one son (Robert) who died an infant, and also one daughter (Catherine, born 1621, alive in 1635, presumed to be either married or deceased by 1666 as no provision is made for her here)

2. As Robert and Richard are brothers, they can only be the first cousins of Robert who had died in 1659. By the time of this document they were both aged about 65.

3. The transfer of tenure to Catherine's deceased husdband's cousins seems odd as he also had a brother who would have seemed a more immediately obvious transferee. However, both of this brother's sons had left the village and were living in London (one a grocer and the other a distiller).

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