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Inventory of the goods of John Hayes, clerk of Overton. 1635

An inventory of the goods of Master John Hayes on the 9th January 1634

Imprimis in the Chamber over the Hall one feather bed and bolster, at £2 10s
More in the same chamber, one red rug £1
More 2 feather pillows 6s
More in the same a standing bedstead with curtains and valence at £1 10s
More a carpet 5s
Item in the cockloft over the same one standing bedstead 6s 8d
One pair of scales and a tub with feathers 3s 6d
Item in the chamber over the shop one featherbed 2 feather bolsters at £2 10s
More a rug and 2 blankets at £1 4s
Item all in the truckle bed one flock bed and two bolsters at £1 4s
More 4 blankets and two cowhides 18s
More a tukend cloth and carpet 4s
More 4 curtains and valance and kanepit £1 10s
More one table board and 8 join stools one chest and one trunk and other appurtenances £1 15s
Item in the great chamber next the street 3 chairs and a little table board at 10s
Item 2 bows and a quiver of arrows £1
Item in linen 4 pairs of canvas sheets one diaper board cloth and one dozen of diaper napkins 3 canvas table clothes 9 napkins one Holland sheet and 2 pillowcases and other linen £4
Item in the kitchen one table board and 3 stools at 10s
More a pair of andirons fire pan and tongs 4 braziers and other iron implements £1
More two dozen of pewter 6 candle sticks one great flagon 2 chamber pots £2
More two kettles 2 brass pots one bell Posnet 2 skillets 2 dripping pans one frying pan And a skimmer and other iron stuff £1 18s
Item in the cellar 4 beer barrels one kive 3 trendles one cowl and one pail and one Pounding tub £1 5s
More one hanger and search 1s 6d
Item one warming pan 5s
Item all his wearing apparel at £10
Item 3 small silver spoons 15s
His books in the study £70

Appraised by:

Richard Pierce

Christopher Clarke junior

Signed by:

Robert Richards, clerk

Phillip Kingsman, clerk


Last updated 23 December 2011