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Inventory of the goods of James Franklin, miller of East Kennett. 1623

An Inventory of all the goods and monies of James Francklyn of East Kennett, miller, deceased.

Taken, valued and appraised the 25th day of April in the year of Our Lord God 1623 by Richard Franklin , gent, of East Kennett and Robert Kingsman of Overton, yeoman, overseers of the Will and Testament of the said James Franklin.

Imprimis, Thirty and five sheep and twelve lambs £12
Item, Three waite of Wool £3
Item, His wearing clothes £2
Item, Two acres of Oats £1
Item, Six bushells of Malt and a half 19s 6d
Item, 3 years Sheep leaze wintering and sommering 15s
Item, 2 Bushells of Barley 6s 8d
Item, In monyes for debt £11 3s 2d
Sum Totalis £31 4s 4d

Delivered in Marlborough 27th day of April 1623

Last updated 23 December 2011