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Inventory of the goods of Alice Kingsman, of Overton. 1635

An Inventory of the Goods of Alice Kingsman late of Overton in the County of Wilts., widow, deceased. Valued and appraised by Thomas Stephens and William Smith
16th March, 1634/5

Imprimis, one standing bedstead, one feather bed, two feather Bolsters, one feather pillow, one rug and two blankets £6
Item; one Cheste, one pair of Holland sheets, one pair of flannel sheets, one lockram sheet, four diaper napkins, one pair of Holland Pillow covers 58s
Item; one Charger, five pottingers and one platter and one chamber pot 12s
Item; one Chaire stool 12d
Item; in wheat and barley £35
Item; Her wearing apparel £10
Sum £54 11s 0d

Thomas Stephens

William Smith

20th May 1635



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