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Inventory of the goods of William Smith the elder, yeoman of Overton. 1617

An Inventory of the Goods of William Smyth, the elder of West Overton in the County of Wilts., yeoman, taken the 28th day of March 1617 by Symon Parsons and Henry Mersham

In the bedding chamber
Imprimis, the bed stead 15s
Item, one feather bed, one flock bed, one feather bolster and two feather pillows £3
Item, one pair of blankets 3 coverlets 20s
Item, one great chest 6s 8d
Item, one coloured coverlet 20s
Item, in the great chest, one bolster, four feather pillows 20s
Item, ten yards of new white woollen cloth and two yards and a half of red cloth 20s
16 yards of course woollen cloth 16s
Item, 3 coverlets, one pair of new blankets 25s
Item, ten pairs of sheets **
Item 5 pairs of pillow beres [1] 5s
Item, 5 table clothes and five towels 6s 8d
Item, the table board and trestles 2s 8d
Item, one cover with a tack on him 10s
Item, 5 coffers 10s
Item, his wearing apparel £4
     ten pounds of course wool 6s 8d
     a straone chain and 2 keeps [2] 1s
Item, one brass bore and black bell 5s
Item, one small bell bonded with silver 5s
In the Inner Chamber
Item, one feather bed, 2 feather bolsters and 2 blankets £3
In the folks chamber
Item, two flock beds 2 coverlets and 2 blankets 10s
Item, 2 boarden bedsteads [3]
In the Hall
Item, one table board and frame, 2 forms and the benches 20s
Item, one cupboard, one cradle one chair 12s
Item, one painted cloth, one back board [4] 1s
Item, the hangings for the fire, the plate, the fire pans and tongs 3s 8d
Item, one dagger 1s
In the Whitt House
Item, Five tacks [hanging shelves] 2s
Item, two powdering tubs [5], 8 cheese vats, one verjuice barrel [6], earthen Pots and pans and 2 mouse snatches 7s 8d
In the Buttery
Item, one cupboard, three tanks [tankards] and a furm 2s
Item, five barrels and the beer horses [7] 13s 8d
Item, one sift, one sieve and two stools 4s
Item, five leather bottles 5s
Item, tankards and other wooden vessels 1s
Item, all the brass vessels £7 3s 4d
Item, all the pewter vessels £3
In the Spence [8]
Item, two tanks, 1 salt tub and stone mortar 2s
In the Mill House
Item, the malt quern and cheese press 6s 8d
Item three conles three trendles [9] one mashing vat [10], one iron vat and pails and other wooden stuff 13s 4d
In the Kitchen
One iron back and hangings, four braches [11] ,one dripping pan, one Brandier  [11] ,one fender for the fire, 2 pair of pot hooks 7s
Item, the backitt [13] and chain 1s
One yoating stone and hogs wash stone [14] 10s
Item, tacks [15] ,one old board, one old bearing horse for the mashing vat 1s
Item, two fans and iron bar and plough tools 5s
In the Old House
Item, one old cupboard, one whitch [16] ,two hen coops 2s
Item, timber for plane and cart 20s
Item, two old scythes and forks and paikes 4s
Item, six prongs and skips, one spade 3s
Item, his bride and saddle 5s
Item, 12 weight of wool £18 12s
Item, 5 lbs of wool 5s
Item, 20 qters [17]of malt £15
In the Cart House and Back Side
Item, 2 Yard bound carts of long load, a dung pot and two pair hes £4 10s
Item, three plow sulloes, the plow chains the whelts and the vos belonging 13s 4d
Item, plough irons 5s
Item, the timber and wood £10 6s 8d
Item, sharp irons and pig irons 3s
In the barn, the fields and arable
Item, Eleven qters of seed barley £8 10s
Item, barley for threshing in value 8 qters £6
Item, in wheat the value of 8 qters £12 16s
Item, in hay and oats and fodder 40s
Item, winnowing sheet, one bushel icart lime, one coop, four ladders, three small oyeasers, one beam and scales 8s
Item, a weight stone and other small weights 2s 6d
Item, Ten acres and three yards of wheat £11
Item, Four score and 15 sheep £34
Item, Seven kine [18] and three calves £17 10s
Item, three horse beasts £9
Item, horse harness and wood Ropes £10
Item, nine stock pigs 46s 8d
Item, two stalls [19] of bees 6s 8d
Item, Eight hogs at roof and some beef £4
Item, the lease of the coppice £5
Item, debts owing £45
The total sum is £243 12s 2d


[1] Pillow bere is a pillow case

[2] A keep was a brooch or a fastener for a doublet or cape

[3] The wooden boarded bed stead on which the flock or feather mattress was laid

[4] Back board was a wooden screen to exclude drafts

[5] Powdering tubs were for salting or pickling meat

[6] Verjuice was the acid juice of crab apples or other sour fruits used for cooking and dosing animals. It was kept in hogsheads

[7] Horse was a frame on which barrels were placed

[8] Spence was a service room, a pantry or larder

[9] A round or oval tub used for various purposes

[10] Mashing vat was the tub used to mash (mix malt with warm water to make wort, the first stage of the brewing process)

[11] Brache was a dripping pan

[12] Brandier was a grid iron or trivet used to support cooking vessels

[13] Fire back

[14] Wash stone is stone trough used for washing

[15] Tacks were hanging shelves

[16] Whitch is an old word for a hutch or a coffer

[17] Qters is abbreviation for quarter, a measure of capacity, usually 8 bushels

[18] Kine were usually the milk cows in a herd

[19] Stalls were hives

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