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Inventory of the goods of Richard Smith, yeoman of Overton. 1617

The 23rd day of November 1617

Item Inventory of all the Goods and chattels of Richard Smith late of Overton in the County of Wilts., yeoman, deceased taken by Robert Kingsman and Symon Parsons

Imprimis, in the Hall all his brass and pewter £3
Item, in his chamber one bedstead and a feather bed and bolster and the appurtenances thereunto belonging and one Flock bed and bolster £5 6s 8d
Item, all his linen 20s
Item, one press and one table board and other small ornaments
Item, all his wearing apparel £3 10s
Item, his wool £2
Item, his sheep £5 8s
Item, wood in the back side 13s 4d
The total sum is £22 8s

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