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Will of William Folwell, Yeoman of Burghclere, Hampshire. 1614

In the name of God, Amen

I William Folwell of Burghclere in the County of Southampton, Yeoman, sick of body but of perfect memory do make this my last will and testament in writing this present Friday, 9 April 1613 in manner and form following:

And first I commend my soul unto the hands of him that redeemed it and my body to be buried as it shall please my executors. 

And as concerning the goods and chattels it has pleased God to bless me withall in this life and are now remaining with me I do will, give and bequeath and dispose of them as follows: 

And first I will to the church of Burghclere 10 shillings. 

To the poor people that go to the church of Kingsclere three shillings fourpence. To the poor people there three shillings fourpence. 

To the church of New Forest, I give 20 pence and to the poor there 20 pence. 

To the Cathedral of Winchester, I give six pence. 

And whereas at this present time I stand engaged for the payment of our hundred and three score pounds to the four children of my now dear wife which she had by her first husband John Lawrence of Kingsclere, Tanner, deceased, that is to say to every of them £40 being several legacies to them bequeathed by the last Will and Testament of the said John Lawrence their said father, and for the payment of £100 more which I did agree to leave my said wife worth if it should please God that I should die before her, my will is that all my leather and bark at the time of my decease at Kingsclere and all other the goods and implements household which are remaining at Kingsclere or here at Burghclere or elsewhere and were the said John Lawrence’s or my said wife’s before our intermarriage shall be with convenient speed sold and the moneys thereof made together with £60 which John Ryves hath of mine in his hands, shall be employed by my executors for the payment and discharge of the said several sums of money to my said wife and her children. 

But I could wish that my wife if she pleases might have for choice of these goods which were her said husband's she undertaking to discharge my executors of so much of her aforesaid sums as they shall be worth and what those goods and moneys will not amount unto I will shall be paid by my executors as they shall be due and payable. 

And as considering other £40 which my wife gave upon our marriage amongst her said children that is to say, £10 apiece, it hath by me heretofore by her consent and desire put out for them, that is to say to William Knight her brother, £10 which yet he hath for which I have a bond and to Edmund Ryves now deceased £30 which £30 is now increased to £60, and is remaining in the hands of the said John Ryves. 

The widow Withers owes me 60 shillings in money and for a quarter of barley which money and barley or money for it when my executors shall receive it, I will to Ferdinando Folwell my son. 

To Henry Folwell my son, I will and bequeath £100 to be paid unto him or for his use within two years after my decease. 

To John Folwell my son I do devise my land in New Forest to him and to heirs of his body; and for default of such issue to the said Henry Folwell and the heirs of his body; and for default of such issue to Ferdinando Folwell and the heirs of his body; and for default of such issue to Robert Folwell my son and heirs of his body; and for default of such issue to my right heirs. 

And to the said John Folwell my son, I give in money four score pounds to be paid within four years after my decease. 

Item, I will that £40 shall be forthwith sent out by my executors to the interest and profit thereof coming to be bestowed upon such of my children, or children's children towards their belief as my executors shall from time to time think have most need. And my further meaning and will is that they may if they see cause employ also the whole £40 for that purpose, but I leave it wholy to their discretion to bestow it and the interest aforesaid upon whom and when they will and if my executors shall not dispose thereof before they be all dead then my will is that so much thereof as shall remain unbestowed or not employed as is aforesaid after the death of the survivor of my executors shall be paid to my daughter Butler, if she be not then living to her children. 

To my daughter Winnifred Folwell I give £120 to be paid within three years after my decease. 

To my daughter Margerie Folwell my only child by my now wife though she be better provided for than all the rest of her sisters by reason of the land at Kingsclere which I have conveyed unto her, yet I will unto her five pounds to be paid unto her by my executors. 

To my son Robert Folwell I give all such bedding bedsteads hangings and furniture in the chamber over my parlour at Well street (other than such as was my wife’s and her husband Lawrence’s) And to him I give all my boards, stools, chairs, forms, wooden vessels and burning vessels such as I have at Well Street in Burghclere (other also than such as was my wife’s and her husband Lawrence’s) 

To Ferdinando Folwell my son I give all the wainscot and other implements of household at Chasewell in Burghclere. 

To old Lancaster my servant I give 20 shillings and to every other of my servants I give 12 pence. 

To my wife’s children I give 20 shillings apiece. 

All the rest of my goods and chattels I give and bequeath to my son BrowneJohn, my son Robert and to my son Henry whom I make and ordain executors of this my last will and Testament. 

My cozen Richard Folwell of Foyfolke, my son Hillman I desire to be overseers of this my last will if any question or doubt shall arise or grow between my wife and children or amid other son or sons concerning this my will I will and require that it be submitted to the order and determination of my right worshipful good friends Sir William Kingsmill Knight and Mr Doctor Field

To Ursula Folwell and Elizabeth Folwell daughter to my son Richard, deceased, and to my godson William Hillman, Thomas Hillman, Winnifred Hillman and Anne Hillman my son Hillman's children I give 10 shillings apiece. 

Four other portions to my son Richard's children I have appointed my son Robert Folwell to pay which portions I charge him to pay unto them and unto their use within 12 months after my decease. 

The lease of Nutkins (which I have conveyed to friends in trust because it should not be ***** in the fee simple) I will to yet as I have conveyed the land. 

All my other leases which were my wife’s husband John Lawrence’s, deceased, I give also to my said wife. 

Signed sealed and published the said day (viz) the ninth day of April 1613 in the presence of 

John Folwell 

Mark of Edward Withers 

Mark of John Turton 

John Brownejohn 

Robert Folwell

Henry Folwell

John Folwell

Maurice Dibley mark 

The said testator after the making and publishing of the said will and about a fortnight before his death did by word of mouth wish and require the said Robert Folwell one of the said executors that Mary Folwell the testator's wife should have five quarters of wheat and five quarters of barley towards her expense the next year. 

Probate in London before the venerable William Byrd the 11th day of October 1614 by John Brownejohn, Robert Folwell and Henry Folwell executors

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