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Settlement: Richard Franklyn and Robert Kingsman. 1588

To all the faithful of Christ to whom the present writing shall [have] come. Richard Franklyn senior of East Kennett in the County of Wiltshire yeoman, gentleman [sends] greeting in the lord eternal

Understand that I the aforesaid Richard Franklyn in consideration of ten pounds of good and legal English money paid to me well and honestly by virtue of a marriage settlement by that Robert Kingsman of Overton in the county aforesaid, yeoman, I am content and satisfied to make over, discharge by the present writings property to the said Robert Kingsman his heirs, executors and administrators. 

I have sold, bargained, enfeoffed, granted, transferred and by this my present indented writing confirmed to the aforesaid Robert Kingsman his heirs and assigns for ever those two acres of arable land being and existing in the common land of East Kennett, one being called Smoke’s acre and the other being at one time called Wonleland and also that fifth part of the common pasture away in the lower meadow land of East Kennett aforesaid ……….. all and singular the premises in which all and singular the premises within the boundary to the aforesaid Robert Kingsman and his assigns to have hold and enjoy the said acres of land and also the common pasture with their premises and appurtenances to the said Robert Kingsman, his heirs and assigns forever …………………….. by these present writings my promise and my seal

And I truly the aforesaid Richard Franklyn and my heirs will warrant and forever defend all and singular the land, acres, common pasture and premises to the aforesaid Robert Kingsman his heirs and assigns against me and my heirs for ever by the present writings.

Understand in the above I the said Richard Franklyn have put in place by these writings my true and legitimate representatives Thomas Smith and William Smith ………………. 

Something about possession and seisin [to put in possession of – to put a person in legal possession of a feudal holding] 

In testimony of which, I the aforesaid Richard Franklyn have affixed my seal to these writings, dated the 8th day of January in the thirty first year of the reign of our Lady Elizabeth Queen of England France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith.

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