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Will of Robert Kingesman, Yeoman of Overton. 1592

In the name of God Amen

The 15th day of August in the year of our Lord God 1592 and in the 34th year of her Majesty’s reign, I, Robert Kingesman of Overton in the County of Wiltshire, yeoman, being of perfect mind (the Lord be praised therefore) do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) First I bequeath my soul into the hands of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who hath redeemed it and my body to be buried in the parish Church of Overton.

Item, I give and bequeath to Robert Kingesman my second son all the goods, chattells, stocks, stores, cows, cattle, implements whatsoever, being, going and seeding now, upon the houses, barns, stables, edifices, lands, meadows, pastures, and seedings of the tenement in East Kennett, which I had by lease or transfer of Mr William Skillings.

Also I will and bequeath to said Robert that in respect of all the wheat grown upon the said tenement in East Kennett, was brought to Overton, therefore that Richard my eldest son shall eare and sow with good seed corn, all the grounds which lieth for the next season, parcel of the said tenement, and for and to the use of the said Robert.

**** *** the seed of all the wheat as of the barley.

Also, I will to the said Robert *** ******* *** Bull and one ******* which hath kine and commonly is going upon the said tenement Heyford colour black going at Overton from the ground aforesaid besides the Heyfar all w**** going upon the said tenement and **** ******* going at Hoylle in the parish of Calne. Also, I bequeath unto the said Robert my six acres of free land which I stand leased of **** in fee simple to me and mine heirs to have and to hold for five years next after my decease. Together with the flocks of sheep thereunto belonging. Also, for better explanation of the said former words, my meaning is and I do will and bequeath to my said Robert all the whole stocks and flocks of sheep whatsoever to me belonging, going, feeding or pasturing in or upon the said tenement first before ****field and the said last six acres and all other the common lands and feedings in East Kennett aforesaid. Also I give him a colt of two years old and the paranntaye going at Chilton in Wroughton parish. Also I will to the said Robert as many boards lying at or about my house at Overton and asinnage timber therealso lying as will make ***** and ****** for the same and also *** the same to be employed and bestowed so as he give my executors his faithful promise to dwell there and inhabit upon the same.

Item, I will and bequeath to Thomas my youngest son one hundred pounds, which hundred pounds lies in the hands of Anthony Sadler and for the payment of which hundred pounds the said Anthony and his father while he lived stood bound to me for the payment thereof and by the bond most plainly appeareth the money to be paid to my loving friend Mr. Richard Kingesmill at Michaelmas next if I decease afore Michaelmas, at which day Anthony Sadler should pay me the sum if I then be living.

Item, I bequeath to the said Thomas the sum of thirty-three pounds sixteen shillings which the said Richard Kingesmill has in his hands and oweth me the said sums of money to be paid at his age of twenty one years or else the same to be bestowed in the meantime by the said Richard Kingesmill by the consent of Thomas Smithe of West Kennet, my brother-in-law, and William Griffin of Bechamton, my son-in-law, in buying some hold, lease or living for the said Thomas as by their good discretion shall be thought good and to the best of the said Thomas.

Also I will that the said Richard Kingesmill according as he has agreed and consented at my desire said bond for the same payment thereof to the said Thomas Smithe and William Griffin a reasonable ****.

I will and desire my loving friend Mr Kingesmill to take my said son Thomas into his education to be usefully and honestly brought *** in learning, and if the said Thomas does die before his full age of 21 years that then his part shall remain unto the rest of his brothers and sisters that then shall be living equally to be divided.

Item, I give and bequeath to Margaret my daughter her three score pounds of money and a hayford bullock colour black **** going in the herd at Overton to be paid to her at the day of her marriage.

Item, I bequeath to Elizabeth my other daughter three score pounds money and to be paid her in like manner at the day of her marriage.

And I do charge them on my benediction on them that they will in these marriages and choice of husband use the advice of their mother, their uncle Thomas Smithe and William Griffin their brother-in-law and that they should not without entangle themselves, but instruct their own minds and indyemente therein without the advice and consent of them as aforesaid or one of them the same to be paid by their said mother.

Item, I give and bequeath to my loving wife Agnes and Robert my said son and Richard my eldest son all my debts owing or to be owing to me betwixt them equally to be divided part and part alike as they may or shall be gotten in or ******** and every of them to be charged at every *** their charges part and part alike for one **** or ***** for the obtaining or having thereof equally and so much as shall remain over and above £60 to every of them of the said debts the residue shall remain and be to Thomas my youngest said son and that to be paid to Mr Kingesmill to his use at his said age of 21 years. And until the said £60 be paid, levied or gathered and consented to every of them the foresaid Thomas not to be paid anything but after the said several three score pounds levied, gathered, satisfied and consented then the said Thomas shall be paid of the overplus the whole rest and that shall remain and *** ****** and if any **** shall be used therefore then Thomas shall be discharged and be paid and abated of his portion so appointed and given to him of that residue and overplus over and above £60 to every of them.

Furthermore I do give and will to my well beloved wife one hundred pounds of money over and besides all the former legacies and bequests I have already given her.

Item my will is and I do give to my said wife half of all my corn ***** brought and to be brought into the barns and rooms of my house or tenement of Overton, half I mean of that shall remain over and above that is already appointed and willed to be bestowed in seed for Robert or upon the tenement in East Kennett and after the lands in East Kennet which Robert is to have for seed as aforesaid and Richard my eldest son shall have the other half of my said corn over and above the said seed appointed to Robert and my said wife and Richard to hold and ***** together the said corn so to them appointed.

Also I give to my said wife two kine by her to be chosen of the residue of my kine.

Item, I give to my said wife the standing bed and bedstead with the appurtenances to that belonging standing in the upper chamber in the right hand of the ***** at the going in into the chamber.

Item, I give to my said wife the little coffer standing at the end of the said bedstead.

Also, I will and my intention is that my legacies in money appointed to my daughters shall be paid out of my sons money lying and being in my wife’s keeping which she hath in her keeping sufficient to pay the same and pay herself the hundred pounds afore bequeathed to her and my sons shall abate none of them my wife’s legacies.

Item, my mind and will is that so long as my said wife shall dwell in this my house at Overton that my said wife and son Richard shall occupy, hold and use all the household stuff and implements therein together to the maintaining of the house and if my wife depart the house and will not dwell there or shall be married then I will the whole to my son Richard otherwise than so afore willed and bequeathed as aforesaid.

And I make and ordain Richard Kingesman my eldest son my whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament. And all other my goods moveable and unmoveable, chattels real and personal whatsoever (my debts and legacies aforesaid paid with my funeral discharged) I bequeath to Richard my eldest son and only executor.

In witness whereof I have caused this my last will and testament to be made in the presence of those whose names are underwritten.


Thomas Smithe

Probate 20th January 1593/4

Last updated 23 December 2011