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Inventory of Samuel Kingman of Bridgewater, Masachusetts. 1742

[8: 524] On ** May, 1742, an inventory “of all the Estate both Real and personall which Mr Samuel Kingman late of Bridgwater …. Died Seizd of” was taken by Joseph Edson, Samuel Beal and Henry Kingman, and all three made oath to the inventory On 14 May, 1742. 

The inventory was: 

About 14 acres of land £**;

Books and apparel £56; 

Table, chest and chairs £4 *s; 

Pewter, brass, iron and earthen vessels £19 16; 

Tools and Implements for Timber & Husbandry £12 14s; 

Bed and furniture and table linen £10 12s; 

The Widdows bed and furniture £**; 

Tramels Fire tools and horse furniture £4 8s; 

Oases and Rye & a Cow hide £2 17s; 

Two Oxen two Cows & three yongue Cattle £65 

Ten sheep a mare & two swine £21 5s.

Note: This is from a machine read transcription, many of the values on items are incorrectly transcribed and suspect

Last updated 15 March 2016