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Will of Samuel Kingman of Bridgewater, Masachusetts. 1740

To Hannah Kingman my well beloved wife for her Comfortable Support dureing the time of her Widdowhood the Westerly end of my Dwelling house my best bed with the furniture thereto belonging with a Third part of all my houshold goods allso one Cow and wherewithall to keep her both in Summer & Winter & allso Eight bushels of Corne in a year annually to be paid to her by my son Samuel Kingman 

To my son John Kingman one half of my Neet Cattle, Horses Sheep kine Swine and other moveable Estate without Doores (The aforesd Cow Excepted) allso I Give him a third part of my household goods and moveables within Doores

To my son Samuel Kingman One half of my Neet Cattle horses Sheep swine, & Other moveable Estate without Doores (The reforest Cow Excepted) allso I give him a Third part of my Houshold Goods and moveable Estate within Doores Obligeing him to take the Care of his mother above named and to pay her the Eight bushells of Corne yearly and to keep her Cow for her as above expressed

To my Daughter Susanna Packard the wife of Solomon Packard One hundred pounds One half thereof to be paid to her within a year after my Decease and the other half to be paid to her within Two years after my Decease

I give to the four Children of my Daughter Joanna Pettingale Deceas’d Twenty shillings apiece vizt To Daniel Pettingale Nathan Pettingale & Jacob Pettingale each of them Twenty Shillings to be paid to them when they shall Come to Twenty One years of age Respectively and Hannah Pettingale Twenty shillings to be paid to her when she shall Come to Eighteen years of age

To my Daughter Jane Kingman the wife of Isaac Kingman Five pounds to be paid to her within a year after my Decease allso I give to the three Children of my Daughter Jane aforesd Vizt Abigail Kingman Lemuel Kingman and Jane Kingman five pounds apeice that is to say To Lemuel Kingman five pounds when he shall Gaine to the age of twenty One years and to Abigail Kingman and Jane Kingman each of them five pounds to be paid to them when they shall Come to Eighteen years of age Respectively

To my Daughter Mary Kingman besides what she hath allready had the sum of Fifty pounds the One half thereof to be paid to her within a year after my Decease the other half therof to be paid to her within two years after my Decease

And my Will is That my Execrs herein named do Reasonably Call in all the money that is due to me upon book or bonds and that they pay Out all the Legacies herein Given according to this province bills of the Old tenour

I do nominate my Two sons John Kingman & Samuel Kingman to be the Executors of this my last Will & Testament

The witnesses were Joseph Edson, David Edson and Jesse Edson

May 20th 1742. This will being presented by the Executors above named for Probate, on the testimony of all three witnesses, it was approved by the probate court.

Last updated 15 March 2016