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Will of Henry Kingman of Weymouth, Masachusetts. 1667

The last will and testament of Henry Kingman, of Weymouth aged 74 years or thereabout being sound of body but of perfect memory do commit my soul and body to God and appoint my body to be decently buried and all my debts honestly paid, and all the rest of my worldly goods I dispose of as follows: 

I do give to my son Edward Kingman my dwelling house with all my housing pertaining thereunto, and my orchards with all the appurtenances thereto belonging, and I do give him as much land adjoining thereto as will make it 25 acres, further, I do give him two third parts of mine own common lot, further, I do give to my son Edward that piece of meadow that was John Alines, and more meadow, I do give him one acre nearest to my house of that which was Mr Jenners, further I do give to my son Edward my feather bed that I lie on, and all the furniture thereto belonging. 

I do give to my son Thomas Kingman half the rest of the land that I have adjoining to my house except it be two acres which I shall hereafter express, further I do give to my son Thomas the other two acres of meadow, which I have which was Mr Jenners, further I do give to my son Thomas 25 acres of upland that lieth near and above Samuel White's house, further, I do give to my son Thomas that feather bed which he lieth on and all that doth belong there unto. 

I do give to my son John Kingman, the two acres of land that I above reserved and it shall be near his house from his barn to his planting lot as convenient as it may be. Further, I do give to my son John, the other half of my land at home. Further, I do give to my son John the two acres of meadow that I have which was William Richards, and lieth near the tied mill, and my son John shall have one acre of upland that lieth along by the meadow to make meadow of if he will. Further, I do give to my son John half the common lot, that did belong to my old brother Holbrooke, which I had of him, I do give to my son John, the cow that he hath of mine in his hand already. 

I do give to my daughter Holbrook, twelve pounds. Further, I do give to my daughter Holbrooke, the chest that stands at my beds feet. 

I do give to my daughter Davis ten pounds. 

I do give to the children of my daughter Barnard, ten pounds, they be now five. They shall be paid when they come to be of age, the sons at twenty years old, and the daughters at eighteen, and if either of them die before, his portion shall be divided to the rest. 

Lastly, I do appoint my three sons above expressed to be my Executors, and to fulfil all my will as above written, and to divide the rest of my estate among them equally, and hereunto I have set my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of May in the year of our Lord one Thousand six Hundred and Sixty Seven. 

Henry [his mark H] Kingman 

Signed, Sealed and delivered in ye presence of us,


Edward Sale

Thomas Dyer

Edward Sale and Thomas Dyer, deposed that having subscribed their names, were present on the day of the date thereof, and did both hear and see Henry Kingman, sign, seal and publish the same to be his last will and testament, to their best knowledge, that when they know more they will discover it. 

31 July 67 

Edw Rawson, Recorder. 

Inventory of the good and chattels of Henry Kingman, that deceased in Weymouth the fifth of the 4th month, 1667. Taken by Lieut John Holbrook, Thomas Dyar, the 9th of the aforesaid 4th month.

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