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Abstract of Will William Kingman of Frome. 1762

  • William KINGMAN, Gentleman of Frome Swd, signed will 26 Mar 1762.

  • Legacies: My freehold messuages to my wife Sarah for life; and after her death:

  • messuage in Fromefield now in the occupation of James FLOWER, Victualler, with the tennis court, bowling green, outhouses, stables, courtyards etc. and the acre of pasture called IVEYs Piece in Frome North Field lying in the Common with lands of Mr HAYNES and now in the tenure of John COOPER, Brewer, to my nephew John SEDGEFIELD, s/o my brother in law John SEDGEFIELD;

  • messuage in Fromefield now in the occupation of myself, James GEORGE and Peter HYMEN and the paddock or pasture adjoining and also the little close of pasture near the Layes in Frome North Field called part SELWOODs, the Tce [?] whereof my mother purchased of Mr BULL to my nephew William SEDGEFIELD;

  • My leasehold messuages for the terms I have in them to my wife; and after her death:

  • the little tenement in Badcox Lane now in the occupation of John WRIGHT, Painter, to my niece Sarah SEDGEFIELD for the residue of the term;

  • £230 now in the hands of my cousin John SMITH Esq. as Exor of his late mother who was one of the Exors of my father's will which was to be laid out in lands and settled to diverse uses, to my wife, her heirs, Exors and assigns for ever;

  • Residue to my wife for life; and after her death:

  • £100 of it in equal shares to my nieces Ann, Hester and Joan ALLEN;

  • the remainder of my residuary estate to my nephews and nieces John SEDGEFIELD, William SEDGEFIELD, Elizabeth SEDGEFIELD, Sarah SEDGEFIELD and Ann SEDGEFIELD in such shares as my wife may through her will direct and as they by their respectful and dutiful behaviour may deserve.

  • Executrix: My wife Sarah KINGMAN.

  • Overseers: My brother in law John SEDGEFIELD and Mr Thos BUNN, Surgeon.

  • Witnesses: John CRITCH [CULCH?], Mary ****

  • Will proved 2 Jun 1767 at the Archdeaconry Court of Wells by Sarah KINGMAN

  • Last updated 7 March 2012