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Will of Solomon Kingman, Clothier of Frome. 1719

In the name of God Amen.

I Solomon Kingman of Froome Selwood in the County of Somerset, Clothier, do make my Last Will and Testament as follows

Imprimis, I give unto my beloved wife all the Silver Plate that was hers before my marriage with her. 

Item, I give unto my said wife all my Lands in Froome to hold to her during her life and after her death to my eldest son and his heirs forever in pursuance and in part of performance of my Marriage agreements 

and I desire that my Executors herein after named may lay out two hundred and thirty pounds [Note 1] in the purchase of lands and settle the same to the use of my Wife for her life and after her death to my said eldest son and his heirs for ever in performance of an agreement made by me and until such purchase is made and settled I desire that my said Wife may have interest for the said two hundred and thirty pounds. 

Item, all the rest of my personal estate, money, plate, jewels, household stuff, goods and chattels whatsoever I give and bequeath unto my sister Margarett Smith, John Sheppard and John Harris of Froome, Clothiers, to and for the use of my three sons Debnam Kingman, William Kingman and Solomon Kingman to be equally divided between them when they shall severally attain the age of one and twenty years and in case either or two of them shall die before he or they shall attain that age the share of him or them so dying shall go to the survivors or survivor of them and the interest thereof shall go and be paid towards their mutual maintenance and education as my said trustees of the survivor of them shall think fit and until they attain that age

and if they all die before either of them shall attain the said age of one and twenty years then my Will is that the whole shall be equally divided between my cousin John Smith and my cousin Margaret Kingman [Note 2]

and I make my said sister Margaret Smith, John Sheppard and John Harris Executors and Executrix of this my last Will and Testament 

and my will is that if any loss shall happen it shall be born by my said Children and not by my Executors and Trustees 

Witness my hand and seal this ninth day of March One thousand seven hundred and sixteen 

Solomon Kingman 

Signed, sealed and published by the Testator as and for his last Will in the presence of us who have all set our hands in the presence of the said Solomon Kingman 

John Madock 

Willm Sharpe 

Ja: Wickham 

Proved in London 16th April 1719 by John Sheppard and Margaret Smith, executors, with right reserved for John Harris.


1. This same sum  of £230 is also mentioned in the will of Solomon's son William in 1662, still being held by John Smith. As it was then entirely in the gift of William it is added evidence that both of his brothers had died before then.

2. "Cousin" is most likely being used here in the sense of "close relative". Given the large difference in ages between Solomon and his elder siblings Margaret (m/o John Smith) and Samuel (f/o Margaret Kingman) it is not abnormal that he should refer to this nephew and niece as "cousin"

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