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Abstract of Trust in the will of Robert Smith. 1706

  • [to the Trustees of the future Rook Lane Chapel]

  • Robert SMITH of Littleton, Gent, John SMITH of Littleton, Gent, Exors of Robert SMITH, late of Frome Selwood, Gent, and Trustees in the will of Margaret SMITH , Widow of sd Robert SMITH, also Margaret KINGMAN, Widow of Frome

  • jointly granted a lease dated 10 Mar 1706 for a ground settled on Margaret SMITH for life,

  • and after her death to her children begotten by Robert SMITH, her late husband, which children were two sons, Robert SMITH and John SMITH, infants 

  • Walter SINGER, Gent, John JESSER, Mercer, Andrew ROGERS, Clothier, all of Frome had agreed to buy the ground for a term of 200 years.

  • Premises: plot of meadow or pasture, about 70 ft square, to be divided from a close of Margaret SMITH's then in the possession of Edward MORTIMER, bounded on the east by Rook Lane and on the north by a way leading to Mr PRATER's stables and on the south and west sides by the other part of the close. 

  • Condition: a good substantial house costing £300 at least to be erected Memorandum: 

  • purchasers to pay an extra 5s p.a. for the odd plot between the 70 ft square and Capt. PRATER's back side

  • Last updated 11 March 2012