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Release related to the Will of Margaret Kingman nee Debnam. 1737

  • Margaret SMITH signed 5 Nov 1737 a release of claim:

  • Whereas Solomon KINGMAN of Frome made his will dated 9 Mar 1718 and amongst other things appointed his sister Margaret SMITH and John SHEPPARD and John HARRIS, Clothiers of Frome, as Executors and residuary legatees of his will in trust for his three Sons Debnam KINGMAN, William KINGMAN, and Solomon KINGMAN and is since deceased;

  • and whereas the said John SHEPPARD and Margaret SMITH without the said John HARRIS hath since proved the said Will and taken on them the said trusts;

  • and whereas the said John SHEPPARD is also since deceased;

  • and whereas Margaret KINGMAN, late Widow of Frome, also made her will dated the 4 Nov 1721 and gave her grandson Debnam KINGMAN £400, her grandson William KINGMAN £400 and her grandson Solomon KINGMAN £200 to be paid to them when 21;

  • I, Margaret SMITH, release my kinsman William KINGMAN, Linen Draper of Bristol, and Solomon KINGMAN of Frome from all claim to their being contributary to any loss that sustained out of the personal estate of my deceased Mother Margaret KINGMAN. 

  • Witnesses: John SMITH, Alexr HILMAN

  • Last updated 7 March 2012