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Admon of John Kingman of Gloucester. 1763

  • Samuel KINGMAN, broadweaver of Frome, alleged 8 Aug 1763 that Hepsibeth KINGMAN, relict and sole exix of John KINGMAN, Wiredrawer late of the City of Gloucester, died leaving certain goods, rights and credits of the said John KINGMAN unadministered and undisposed of;

  • and that he is the nephew and next of kin of the said John KINGMAN.

  • Admon with will annexed granted to Samuel KINGMAN. 

  • Samuel KINGMAN, Broad weaver of the parish of Frome Selwood, Somerset, and Benjamin BAKER, Beadle of the City of Gloucester and John DOE bound to the Bishop of Gloucester in the sum of £300, to present an inventory of the goods of John KINGMAN and an account of his administration.

  • Signed: Samll KINGMAN, Benj. BAKER.

  • Last updated 13 March 2012