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Inventory of the goods of Robert Kingman of Wishford. 1705

An inventory of the goods and chattels of Robert Kingman late of the parish of Great Wishford deceased taken and apraised by us whose names are hereunder written this 17 day of May 1705.

Inp: His wearing apparel £8

Item: In the best chamber one bed with the bedding belonging to it, one press, one tableboard and chairs £10

Item: In the chamber over the kitchen 2 beds with the bedding belonging to them £5 10s
Item: In a low room one bed and bedding £4 5s
Item: In the hall 2 tableboards with the frames to them and 6 joint stools, 6 chairs £1 8s
Item: In the buttery, 6 barrels and the brewing vessels £1 4s
Item: In the kitchen the pewter, brass and iron £2 7s
Item: wheat, barley, oats and other grains in the fields 84 acres £84

Item: 8 score sheep and lambs £40

Item: 3 horses and 5 cows £20

Item: 3 pigs £3

Item: one wagon, one dungpot and all other implements of husbandry £20 18s
Item: in the backside one pile of wood with all other lumber within and without £18

Total £218 12s

Will Hinwood 

Edward Parker 


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