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Will of William Kingman of Wishford. 1587

In deo nomine Amen . 

I William Kingman of Wishford Magna, sick in body but perfect in memory thanks be given to God do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First, I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God my Heavenly Father who is my Lord creator and maker and to Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour in whom and through whom by faith in his blessed Death and passion I trust to be in the number of them that shall be saved. And I do believe in the Holy Ghost who doth illuminate and lighten all mens understanding. And that he will raise at the last day this body to immortal joy and glory which I pray Almighty God to grant amen.

And this my body I will to be buried within the church litten of Wishford.

Item, I give unto Henry Kingman my son fifteen sheep, that is five ewes, five vethers and five hoggs, and a half acre of wheat and a half acre of barley, and half the ***** wood behind the *****.

Item, I give to Edmund Kingman the son of Henry Kingman one ewe and a great pott called butcher. And I will that William Kingman my son shall have the use of the pott till the said Edmund come to the age of 21 years.  And if the said Edmund Kingman and William Kingman my son die then I will that the pott remain to Henry Kingman the father of the said Edmund to his use and custody.

Item, I give to Henry Kingman one platter and one weaning pig.

Item, I give to Thomas Pyne a half acre of wheat and a half acre of barley, one bullock, one platter and one weaning pig.

Item, I give to each child of Thomas Pyne one sheep.

Item, I give to Edmund Kingman one bullock which William my son shall breed for him and deliver to the said Edmund at 21 years of age.

Item, I give between Thomas Pyne and Thomas Overton one hundred of fagots.

Item, I give to Thomas Overton a half acre of wheat and a half acre of barley one, one cow which is now at Wilton with Thomas Pyne, ***** flich of wool, one black  cauldron, one platter, one weaning pig. And, to each one of Thomas Overton’s children a sheep.

Item, I give to Margery Kingman, the daughter of Henry Kingman, one ewe.

Item, I give to each one of my godchildren 4 pence.

Item, I give to the parish church of Wishford 3 shillings and 4 pence. 

Item, I give to our Lady Church of Sarum 20 pence .

Item, I give to the church of South Newton 20 pence.

Item I give to Robert Barnes 20 pence.

Item, I give to Edith Longe one lamb.

All the rest of my goods movable and immovable I give unto William Kingman my son whom I make my sole and full executor of this my last will and testament to see this my last will truly performed and fulfilled and to see all my debts discharged and paid. Provided the said promises above that if the said William Kingman my son do not bestow himself in marriage, do not follow the counsel of Mr. John Bower parson of Wishford and Henry Hether ******* and Nicholas Kingman my neighbour, that then he shall not have my part of such goods as are within my chamber wherein I do commonly use to lie in, but that they shall remain to his two sisters.

My supervisors of this my last will. I make Nicholas Kingman and Stephen Collcutt to see my will truly done and fulfilled and to have 12 pence apiece for their labour.

The same Nicholas Kingman and Stephen Colcut witnessing the promises.

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