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Will of Thomas Blake of Stoford, Wiltshire. 1549

1 In the name of god amen the xiij th daye of Nove[m]bre the
2 yere of o[u]r lorde god M ccccc xlix I Thomas Blake of Stowvode in the
3 p[ar]ysshe of sowthe newton beying sycke yn bodye and hoole of mynde of good and
4 p[er]fyte memorye do make my testament and last will in man[ner] and forme
5 folowyng First I gyve and bequeathe my sowle to Almyghtie god my boodye
6 to be buryed in the churchyarde of Newton aforesaide It[em[ I gyve and
7 bequeathe to my parysshe churche of Newton one shepe It[e]m I gyve and bequeathe
8 to Will[ia]m my sonne one akar of wheate and one of Barley It[e]m to Robert
9 Johan[e] John and Maryan xx ti shepe It[e]m to Joh[a]n[e] and Maryan a Hayffer
10 It[e]m to ev[er]y one of my godchyldrene iiij d The resydew of my goods not geve[n]
11 nor bequeathed I gyve and bequeathe to Alys my wyfe whom I make my sole
12 executrix It[e]m I ordeyne and make Will[ia]m Boldye sup[er]visor and ov[er]seer of thys
13 my last will and testament Thes beyng witness John Blake Richard
14 Carpenter w[i]t[h] others

In the name of God Amen.

The 13th day of November the year of our Lord God 1549 I Thomas Blake of Stowvode in the parish of South Newton being sick in body and whole of mind, of good and perfect memory do make my testament and last will in manner and form following:

First, I give and bequeath my soul to Almighty God, my body to be buried in the churchyard of Newton aforesaid 

Item, I give and bequeath to my parish church of Newton one sheep 

Item, I give and bequeath to William my son one acre of wheat and one of Barley 

Item, to Robert, Johane, John and Maryan 20 sheep 

Item, to Johane and Maryan a Heiffer 

Item, to every one of my godchildren 4d 

The residue of my goods not given nor bequeathed I give and bequeath to Alys my wife whom I make my sole executrix 

Item, I ordain and make William Boldye supervisor and overseer of this my last Will and Testament 

These being witnesses 

John Blake 

Richard Carpenter 

with others

Last updated 12 August 2013