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Peter Kingsman of Lewisham. Chancery case. 1704

Chancery Proceedings: Kingsman vs. Kingsman, 1704 

Orator: Peter Kingsman of Lewisham, Gentleman

This is the first case brought by Peter Kingsman concerning the will of his father Jasper. 

The later document in 1753 is in much better condition and far easier to read, but this does have a few extra pieces of detail about the disapproved marriage. 

Peter (without the consent of his father) did marry Mary the daughter of Roger Woodcock (Woodcork?), Gentleman, the very intimate friend and acquaintance of Josiah Kingsman. 

Peter says that he does not know that Josiah is any kindred or consanguinity to Jasper, but of late years had become acquainted with him.

Last updated 2 September 2014