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Abstract of the Will of Benjamin Kingsman of Horndon. 1647

30th of July 1647 

I Benjamin Kingsman of all Horndon on the Hill, Essex, Yeomen

My house in Horndon commonly called by the name of the White Hart together with associated lands to my loving son Jasper Kingsman and his heirs for ever. 

To him my son all my goods chattels etc. 

After the decease of Anne my now [Note 1] loving wife, the house and grounds of about three acres in Horndon commonly called by the name "Taylers" to my said son and his heirs forever.

After the decease of my said wife, two tenements in Horndon called by the name "Amens" to my said son and is heirs. 

To my son and my best suit of apparel and the coat belonging and likewise my best cloak. 

To my son my dunn horse.

All household goods etc. to her mine wife, during the term of her natural life and no longer, and then to my said son. 

Anne to allow my son and some honest and sufficient neighbours to take an inventory of the household, and then, within one month, to become bounden to my son Jasper for double the sum of the estimate of the inventory. 

All other goods and chattels to my son Jasper. 

Jasper to the sole executor 

Signed B Kingsman 


R Blackmor

Robert Stonard his mark 

Thomas Fettinlace

Probate 26th of February 1647


1. Use of "now" describing his wife implies that Anne is his second wife, and probably not the mother of Jasper.

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