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Will of Jasper Kingsman, yeoman of Maldon, Essex. 1624.

Will of Jasper Kingsman, yeoman of Maldon

Dated 16 March 1623/24

Unto Sara Kingsman, my well beloved wife, all those mortgages, lands etc. situate in the parish of Althorne in the County of Essex for the term of her natural life

I do further bequeath unto Sara my wife in further …. and full discharge of her Dower third, all my mortgages, tenements etc. situate or being in the town of Maldon, for the term of her natural life, upon the condition following: that the said Sara shall pay unto Richard Kingsman my son, now an apprentice in the City of London, the sum of £20 of lawful English money within 21 days of his attaining the age of 25 years, and if Richard shall die before reaching that age, then Sara shall pay the £20 to Gideon Kingsman, my son within 21 days of his attaining 25 years.  This money to be paid at Maldon. 

Sara to enter into a bond with Mr Hewitt (Vicar of All Saints & St Peters Maldon) to guarantee this payment.
    If she doesn’t enter into a bond with Mr Hewitt for this, then all these lands in Maldon go direct to Richard instead, with Gideon as default should he die.

    If Sara enters into the bond, but defaults on the payment, then these lands go to Richard when he attains 25 years of age.

After the death of Sara, all the lands in Althorne go to my son Jasper Kingsman and his heirs forever.

After the death of Sara, all the lands in Maldon go to my son Richard for “one whole year and one quarter of a year” and afterwards to my daughters Tabitha Kingsman and Francis Kingsman on the condition that:

    one of these two daughters pays to my daughter Anna Kingsman the sum of £20 within two years of the death of my wife Sara.

    If Anna should die before this time, then the sum of £20 to be paid to my son Gideon instead.

    If the £20 is not paid to Anna then all the lands in Maldon fall to her, or likewise to Gideon should Anna die first, but only after a period of seven years after the defaulted payment.

In settlement of my debts, “indebted to diverse persons in several sums of money”, the deeds of lands owned in Goldhanger, Little Totsham and other places have been lodged with friends John Goan, John Edwards and Lambert Topcliffe with instructions to sell these lands, pay off the debts, pay £30 to my son Gideon within one year of the sale and the same to Jasper, my eldest son, and divide the residue equally among my children, unless:

    Jasper (junior) elects to pay my debts, and pays £30 to Gideon, then Jasper inherits the lands at Goldhanger and Little Totsham etc.

20 shillings to the poor of the parish of All Saints Maldon within 3 months of my death to be distributed by the overseers of the poor.

10 shillings to my minister and good friend Mr Hewitt

Whereas I did buy six spoons of silver my will and mind is that Sara my said wife shall have the use of them for her life and then I do give them to Anne Kingsman my son Jasper Kingsman’s daughter

Anna my youngest daughter to the charge of my wife

Sara to be sole executrix

Remainder of goods, chattels etc to Sara


John Goan

Thomas Deathe

Benjamin Brokes

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