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Will of Richard Kyngesman of Burnham, Essex. 1575.

Will of Richard Kyngesman of Burnham, Essex

Dated 22nd February 1574/5

To the poor of the parish of Burnham twenty pence to be distributed on the day of my burial

To my son John Kyngesman my lands being in Burnham and called Hytchcocks etc (several parcels) and to his heirs of his body, and in default of further issue:

    to my son Jasper and heirs, and in default

        to my son Richard and heirs, and in default

            the said lands aforementioned to remain to the next heirs of the said Richard Kyngesman

Charges his brother Jasper Anderkyn and his assigns with the maintaining of his estates for a period of 17 years (n.b. son John was 3 years old in 1574) until my son John being xx, and paying the yearly dues at Custom House to the Lord or Lords of the Fee, and yielding or paying to William Forrell of Southminster all the sum or sums of money due to him originating from an indenture dated 24 July 1573 between Richard Kyngesman and William Forrell

My brother Jasper Anderkyn shall pay £5 of lawful money to my daughter Margette at 18 and “if God please to grant it” he shall pay another £5 at age 18

Several other bequests to Margette at various ages, including his bedstead

If Margette does not attain the age of 22 years then everything allowed for her goes instead to the child his wife is then carrying

To the child his wife is carrying £3 to be paid by executors when the child reaches 18

To son Rychard a parcel of land called Massyngbe and another parcel called Fennell and their appurtenances, on condition that he continues the tenancy of William Beck on one part of the land, and to his heirs, and in default:

    to Jasper Kyngesman

To Marryon my wife my house in which I dwell called Bottest and the appurtenances and my lands called Mossmans, Laemytte and Samsfont and their appurtenances, to her and her assigns for 16 years, or to the being of xx of my children, that is to say, Jasper, Margette and the child she goes with, paying rents etc. to the Manor

If she marries, she has to put sufficient bonds to his brother Jasper Anderkyn for payment of all future legacies

After 16 years, all these lands go to Jasper Kyngesman and his heirs, in default

    to the child she then carries, in default:

        to son John Kyngesman

Residue after payment of debts to his wife Marryon who is executor

Jasper Anderkyn to be overseer

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