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Will of John Kyngesman of Tolleshunt Major, Essex. 1524.

Dated: 20 Apr 1524

Will of John Kyngesman of Tolleshunt Major, Essex

To be buried in the church of St Nicolas, Tolleshunt

To the high alters of Tolleshunt Major, Tolleshunt D’arcy, Laya Marney, Goldhanger and Purley each 3s 4d

Work of Pauls 3s 4d

To the Friars of Maldon, Grey Friars of Colchester, Black Friars of Chelmsford for masses and dirges

Abbot and Convent of Coggeshall and Bilegh each 40 shillings to sing

Guild of Our Lady in Althorne Church, 40 shillings. To said Guild by licence to the Lord a tent [tenement] in Althorne called “Legerys” to ten persons to include the Master of the Guild forever. If the Lord will not then same to my eldest son and his heirs to pay 20 shillings yearly to the Guild

To Tolleshunt church a chalice of 5 ¾

I bequeath to the church of Tolleshunt Major, out of the money the King borrowed of me, and if it ever be paid to my executors, then to be bought to the Church of Tolleshunt and the Church of Althorne a cape and vestment price £10, of same to repairs of Bilegh Abbey £10 and then the rest which is £19 6s for exhibition of poor scholars, marriage of poor maidens and other such works.

The testator held various leases of farm lands.

Mentions the following:

Grace my wife

John my son not 21

Thomas my son

William my son

John Kingsman my cousin

Margaret, Joyce, Anne and Elizabeth my daughters

And “the child my wife goes with”

After provision for these gives the residue to the Abbot of Bilegh for the time.

Will “written with my own hand and finished 17 June 8 Henry VIII” (1524)

Proved: 25 Aug 1524

Last updated 23 December 2011