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Will of Matthew Kinsman, Mason of Gwennap. 1846

Will of Matthew Kinsman, mason of Gwennap, 5th June 1846

All debts, funeral expenses and costs of proving will to be paid by executor

Beloved wife Maria Kinsman - all household furniture, goods, chattels, money and securities for money to be by her enjoyed and she to be free to dispose of as she thinks fit.

All dwelling house and premises situate in Vogue and all premises in Vogue Hill, and dwellign house wherein son James now lives, to be enjoyed by her during her lifetime.

Rents and profits of all those dwelling houses called Dinnis' Premises and all dwelling houses called Harvey's premises now in the occupatin of Thomas Blamey, Mary Barratt and **** Kinsey to his wife during her lifetime and then divided between "the whole of my five children herein named, share and share alike". His son James Kinsman to receive the rents and pay for repairs etc himself having deducted reasonable expenses.

Daughter Maria to inherit the Vogue dwelling house but is to pay daughter Mary £3 per year during her lifetime.

Son Matthew to inherit Dinnis' Premises.

Son John to inherit the dwelling house and premises currently occupied by testator.

Daughter Mary to inherit the dwelling houses now occupied by Nicholas Dinnis, Joseph Thomas and Nancy Eastman.

Rents and profits from Harvey's premises to be divided equally amongst the children.

If one child should die then their inheritance to be shared equally among the survivors.

Son, James Kinsman to be executor.


Matthew Kinsman


Joseph Thomas, miner

William Downing senior, schoolmaster

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