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Inventory of Nicholas Kinsman, yeoman of St Clether. 1679

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: k362
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Sep 2009

An inventory of all the goods and chattells of Nicholas Kinsman, yeoman, deceased of the parish of St Clether and county of Cornwall taken and praysed by John Pooly of the parish of Crowan and county aforesaid and Richard Kinsman of the parish of Laneast and county aforesaid, praysed the seventeenth day of February in the year of our Lord 1678

Imprimis His purse and girdle and wearing apparel £2

Item Four kine £10

Item All the rest of his cattle £18 3s 4d
Item all his horses £6

Item all his sheep £8 6s 8d
Item all his pigs
Item all his poultry
2s 6d
Item all his corn in the mowhaye and corn in the ground £5 5s
Item all his hay
13s 4d
Item all his wood and turfes
3s 4d
Item one little tenement in Laneast called Sweetwill £6 13s 4d
Item all his croks, brass pan, brasses and pewter £3

Item all his bedding and bedsteads £4 6s 8d
Item all his timber vessells, one cubboard, one table board, one chest and three moor stone troughs £1 5s 4d
Item all his plough stuff, two harrows and all his husbandry tools £1 1s 6d
Item all other things and implements unknown that is not valued in this inventory we value and prayse in

Sum is £68 2s 0d

The sign of T John Pooly

Richard Kinsman

Last updated 23 December 2011