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Court case for Henry Kynsman and his wife Lena. 1537

9 February 1537


Pl’ita apud Westmr coram Joh’e Baldewyn Milite & Socijs suis Justic’ d’ni Regs de Banco de trmino s’ci Hillarij Anno regni Regis Henrici octaui post conq’m vicesimo octauo


Jura intr Henr’ Kynsman’ & Lenam vxrem eius executricem test’i Thome Willam alias dict’ Henr’ Kynsman’ & Lene my Wyff +my+ executryce quer’ et Joh’em Horwyll nup de Coryngton’ in Com’ prd’co Husbondman’ +alius d’cm Joh’em Horwyll de pochia de Coryngton’in Com’ Deuon’ Husbondman’+ de pl’it’ deb’i ponitr in resp’cm hic vsq’ a die Pasche in xv dies &c’ Nisi Justic’ d’ni Regis in Com’ prd’co capiend’ assign’ p formam’ statuti &c’ die Lune in trcia septimana quadragesime apud Exon’ in Com’ prd’co prius venrint p def’cu Jur’ quia nullus ven’ I’o vic’ h’eat corpora &c’


Pleas at Westminster before John Baldewyn knight and his fellows, justices of the lord king de Banco, for Hilary term in the 28th year of the reign of king Henry the eighth after the Conquest


The jury between Henry Kynsman and Lena his wife, executrix of the testament of Thomas William, otherwise called Henry Kynsman and Lene, my wyff and my executryce, plaintiffs, and John Horwyll late of Coryngton in the county aforesaid husbondman otherwise called John Horwyll of the parish of Coryngton in county Devon husbondman, in a plea of debt, is put in respite hence to the quindene of Easter [Note 1] &c. unless the justices of the lord king assigned by statute &c. to hold (assizes) in the county aforesaid come first to Exeter in the county aforesaid on Monday in the 3rd week of Lent [Note 2]; for lack of jurors, as none came. Therefore the sheriff shall have their bodies &c.


1. 15 April 1537

2. 5 March 1537

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