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Archdeaconry judgement on John and Honour Kinsman, of Kilkhampton, for Fornication. 1743

  • Source: Cornwall Archives
  • Ref: ard163/23
  • Transcribed by D Watson, Dec 2009

To John Kinsman and Honour his wife
of the parish of Kilkhampton
within the Archdeaconry of Cornwall

Whereas you have been prosecuted in the Archdeaconry Court of Cornwall for the Crime of Fornication each with other before marriage and whereas you have confessed the same and subjected yourselves to the Censure of the said Court, therefore you are enjoined and required by the worshipful John Sleech, Clerk, Master of Arts, Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Cornwall to do and perform the Pennance following (that is to say):

That you shall on the next Sunday after the Receipt hereof in the afternoon immediately after Evening Service in the Chancel of the Parish Church of Kilkhampton say and repeat the words following (that is to say):

We, John and Honour Kinsman do humbly confess and acknowledge that we have highly offended Almighty God by committing the Sin of Fornication each with Other before Marriage and being therefore so great a scandal to the Church and Christian Religion, we do therefore humbly declare our hearty Sorrow and Penitence for the same in the Presence of Almighty God and you present, promising by God’s assistance amendment of Life for the future beseeching God to pardon us and desiring you to pray for us,

And thereupon you are with an audible voice to say and repeat the Lord’s Prayer upon your knees

And of your performance hereof you are to bring to the said Court an Authenticated Certificate under the Hand of the Minister and Churchwardens and two of the principal inhabitants of Kilkhampton aforesaid at or before the eighth day of August next.

Dated the sixth day of July in the Year of Our Lord 1743

Agreeable with the Act of Court
as witnesseth
Henry Bennett, Dep:

Last updated 10 February 2012